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[Tiberium Wars] Issue with locating game.

01 September 2019 - 09:36 PM

I followed the installation guide steps provided on the C&C:Online Support page on Revora Forums.


I am using the normal version C&C3 Tiberium Wars on Steam, which I have installed to my Local Disk© ( Boot Drive). I am using Windows 10 Home 64-bit. I have the latest version of the launcher (2.0.7).


After pressing the 'Hook' button in the launcher I get a windows 'administrator' like window pop up asking to run the executable file "ifeo.exe" I click 'Yes' the window disappears and nothing happens.  I then tried to launch the game using the "C&C3" button in the launcher.  A window pops up saying "C&C3 installation not found.".

I have attached my CNCOnline_Log.txt. file.


I also tried the 'NATNegTest.rar' test, the error I had with that I screenshot and attached to this topic (CNC3 Help.png); a file was missing to sum up the error.