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How do I mod FoC to alter the ship Fleet Commanders get attached to?

04 October 2021 - 02:57 AM

I have spent a lot of times poking around editor trying to do this so far I have come up with nothing.   


I would like my the order Fleet Commanders to be able to board the Death Star (like Eaw) and the Executor. 


I am a all eggs in one basket kind of guy.   I always try to keep my ships with Heroes safely in the back.   Playing standard it annoys the shit out of my that my Fleet Commanders and Palpatine are in a separate Star Destroyer, it means I have one less Star Destroyer I can use aggressively.    I love how the all the Rebel Heroes ride on the Home One.    


Standard Hero attachment order: Star Destroyer, Admonitor (Thrawn), Accuser (Piett), Arc Hammer, Victory Destroyer, Acclamator Cruiser, Interdictor, Tartan, Shuttle 

What I want: Death Star II, Executor SSD (Vader), Space Station (if its possible), Accuser (Piett), Admonitor (Thrawn),  Arc Hammer (General Mohc), Victory Destroyer, Interdictor, Acclamator Cruiser, Tartan, Shuttle.
I also would mind making it so Urai Fenn and Siri could ride shotgun with Tyber Zahnn.