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27 January 2012 - 11:51 AM

In my mind its not really worth it to try and over-analyse AGE or talk about design choices. AGE, at least to me, is professor layton or inuzuma eleven with mobile suits. It certainly does not, as is not meant to fit remotely into the same mold as any other Gundam series. Trying to explain things in AGE logically is a losing battle when the main character Flit, at 14 yrs old, is piloting a mobile suit that he started building when he was 7.

By the way, AGE is probably not getting the attention sunrise was hoping. Hardcore gundam nuts in Japan want to treat it like G Savior , a gundam title that never existed, and reaction to upcoming AGE games is lukewarm. We'll see after that AGE game gets to sell.

I actually watched more of the SEED remaster. Where they spruced up and redrew frames is still quite obvious, but it wasnt a train wreck piss-poor job like ep1. Might watch more just for kicks. More after the break.

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09 January 2012 - 08:59 AM

There are rumours of a new series being worked on now actually. Releasing a HD version of seed and out-sourcing to Level-5 could be a way to keep Gundam on the quarterly portfolios till they can get a new series ready. Unicorn doesnt apply because its not serialized. Of course, another reason for the Level-5 Gundam project is to expand merchandising to a wider age range.

If there is a new series, it will probably be the One year war remake (not just a remaster). They could do crossbone, but i think that will most likely see animation as an OVA rather than series, like Unicorn.

BTW, if anyone actually wants to know more about the SEED remaster, i gave the 1st ep a watch. First, the whole episode was indeed just cropped from SD. There are a few additional scenes in the OP, nothing special. Characters seem to be 'outlined' more compared to the old animation, I suppose to make them appear more obvious, but its not consistent. Because of that, its painfully obvious what was redrawn and what wasnt, anyone who never watched the show would be able to tell.

Even then, these 'redraws' only include character outlines, so all scenes from the original are untouched. This actually makes the show look horrible at times, because it's basically SD animation expanded to HD.

The only thing i could tell that was totally redone other than scenes in the OP was the commercial break cut-in showing athrun and lacus. Honestly, it makes it all the more jarring since right after is another horrible looking expanded SD scene.

IMO, its a weird choice to show miguel with his custom orange GINN in the OP, yet in the show itself its still the old grey-green version. Of course the orange is also just a recolor, no sign of his personal markings, shield, etc.

The whole thing just smacks of being half-done, honestly. Even if its just a remaster, its not reached the standard of what I'd call a remaster. Half-assed job, the Zeta remakes for example were done up much better than this.

Edit: I also just noticed the old pre-commercial break cut-in shows Strike with all 3 striker packs equipped instead of each one separately. Its something else I guess.

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02 January 2012 - 09:47 PM

I will probably try it again after the era change. Whatever episode that is.

I mentioned the SEED HD remaster partially in jest. Looking at the PV's, there is nothing new added at all, and they achieved widescreen for most scenes by cropping, not redrawing. Watching the first episode confirms it. It looks exactly as if you just upscaled the old episodes. I hope they don't do this with other series, there are far better things they can air.

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29 December 2011 - 09:03 AM

There's huge gaps between our post dates, but somehow we just survive lol.

I hope you guys are joking about AGE. Granted, there's nothing WRONG with it per se, and my brother loves it.

Then again he's 11 yrs old. Its a Level 5 anime. And its very obviously a Level 5 anime. We have deus ex machina moments from the AGE system, and the solutions are just as simplistic and childish (what the heck, a spiral beam thing?). The story is serious, true, but the actual dialogue is rather cliche and simple. Character design is typical Level 5. Flit is an ultra-cliche shonen character and only 14 years old. Talk about child soldier.

All that just means that Level 5 is doing a good job, because its following the formula that made its productions like Inuzuma eleven popular and a great show for kids. But its clearly not for people our age :/

Maybe i should just loosen up, but i couldnt get past watching the 6th episode. Im just going to wait till we see the next era, where flit will supposedly be 39, and perhaps the tone of the show will change.

Or watch the SEED remaster/remake in Jan. Not sure how much is going to be changed, or not, but the first season wasnt bad.

Well, for games ive played pretty much everything there is to play in this big season, except MW3. Which was hell on my uni exams...im still playing arkham city, skyrim and AC: revelations to complete everything. I thought about buying blazblue at one point, but i'll probably wait till i can get a PSV for it.

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24 June 2011 - 06:16 AM

Well I hate double posting but this demands attention.


Well we have something aside from Gundam Age to look forward to. :D

Interesting. The manga was deeper and placed more importance on characters than events, it gives off a somewhat Unicorn feeling. It will be interesting to see how they go about doing the anime, but it's going to have huge amounts of pressure to perform well and live up to the original.

Im pretty much done with gundam musou 3, but for those of you who're getting the english one, its coming out 26 in the US. If you're getting the asian one, its already out.