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Gundam Legacy Teamspeak

06 January 2007 - 01:02 AM

Alright ladies and gentelmen It is my pleasure to say this mod now has a teamspeak server provided by myself and a few otheres. Now this server is a joint server so it has more then just legacy on it but legacy does have its own channel. Now for the info first you need teamspeak two which you can download off there site(I will link later just google for now) install. Alright now when your on it please click connect on the menu then click quick connect add this adress to your adress bar: . Now once you have done that just put in a nickname leave login name and password alone. now once on click self on the top bar and register with server. once that is done all i can say is welcome if you need help there are to MSN names located on the info part of the welcome just contact them one is me.

The server again is:
The status is: Down for maintance
Server is provided by AgentExider of Coreforce Networks

Anime Teamspeak channel

11 December 2006 - 05:49 AM

Alright today me and my friend got a TS server online which will be used for general anime chatter along with that some subbing projects. Now along with this i would like to offer an olive branch to this mod seeing how it is a anime mod we would like to offer you guys a full channel on this server along with as many sub channel as you would need. On top of that your team leader would be given server admin rights and your other team members can be channel admins for it. This server will be completely free to you guys and it would allow your mod to to speak to each other without using Msn and the such. Now i will completely understand if you would not like to use our server if you wish to use it please contact me directly using this email zero1212@gmail.com
if you would like to just join the server for anime chats and the such go ahead you dont need a mic for it if you have one that will help you communicate if not you can type a response. Here is the server adress for you folks: setecastronomy.dynalias.com:7150 Hope to see you guys on there also its still under construction so we applogize for that and if you want t anime added to a category please just PM or the other server admin (We have the letters R SA after our names.) well good night folks hope to see you on.