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In Topic: Strike Force: How to edit inventories/pre-placed weapons?

02 December 2023 - 06:32 PM

A new discovery thanks to SOMYST in the Discord, it's possible to change NPC weapons in a level.

You need to open the map's "BDD" folder then decode and open up the "objetos" folder.

You can find each "ID" of every NPC (To my understanding, "generic" ids like Officers tend to be copy/pasted" and change their ARMAS like with the player.


Here's some Russian/German soldiers given the STG44. (and they seem to not have animations for it but it seems they can still shoot you, at least at close range.)

Curiously changing their "equipped" weapon doesn't change the actual weapon they drop upon death.





In Topic: Does it have cheat codes?

02 December 2023 - 06:14 PM

It doesn't work for me on Zoom Platform's version.

I'm curious, does anyone have an unpatched version of CSF?

I know for at least Hitman Blood Money, the cheats were removed when the game was patched.

In Topic: Strike Force mod for Commandos BEL

27 October 2023 - 07:48 PM

I'm very late but I just want to say, I think this is a cool mod.

In Topic: Strike Force: How to edit inventories/pre-placed weapons?

26 October 2023 - 11:57 AM

You've got it!
Here is a cheat sheet that shows you the ID and name of each entry in Armas.bdd:

This zip contains the entries of the other bdd files:

Being able to change this thanks to SOMYST will be fun to mess around with once I have the time.

In Topic: Strike Force: How to edit inventories/pre-placed weapons?

23 October 2023 - 02:43 PM

It's been found out how to do so, thanks to SOMYST from the Commandos Bootcamp discord:


In the level's .gsc file, you will find "ADD_ARMA" which is adding weapons to a character's inventory.


In the level's BBD Folder then Armas.bbd (You will have to decode this file) you will find the ids of all weapons in the level. (As well as possibly alter their stats/which slot they fit in?)


By changing the ids of weapons, you can replace the gear.


For instance in "gestapo.gsc" (Trapped if I remember)





41  is giving the Spy his PPK, change that and you can give him a Mauser as SOMYST did:


Attached File  image (2).png   1.16MB   3 downloads


It also seems you can ignore "limits" with this as I managed to give Green Beret the PPK in Cold Reception, replacing his shotgun and he had both the Colt and Walter PP in his inventory  (when normally you can only have one pistol.)  as well as Somyst giving Spy the Mauser which he normally can't pickup.