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Spellbook Powers to Normal Powers?

15 January 2007 - 07:47 AM

Hey all,
I'm sure it is possible to make a spellbook power into a normal hero power but I'm sort of new and still learning could someone tell me how. I was planning to give galadriel sunflare and sauron summon balrogs, but i don;t know what inis to look at and copy etc.

Rogash Bombard Problem

04 January 2007 - 07:45 AM

Hey all!
I have seen Solinx's guide on how to use Create a Hero powers with normal heroes.
My aim was to give the troll hero rogash from angamr in rotwk the bombard power at rank 10.
I followed the tutorial as best I could, thse are my codes:

What I added to Rogash's Object Ini

Behavior = UnpauseSpecialPowerUpgrade ModuleTag_NormalBombard_Level3
	SpecialPowerTemplate = SpecialAbilityNormalBombard_Level3
	TriggeredBy = Upgrade_NormalBombard_Level3
Behavior = OCLSpecialPower ModuleTag_NormalBombardPower_Level3
	SpecialPowerTemplate = SpecialAbilityNormalBombard_Level3
	OCL				  = OCL_CreateAHeroBombardSeed_Level3
	NearestSecondaryObjectFilter = NONE SAME_PLAYER +CASTLE_KEEP 
	StartsPaused		 = Yes
Behavior = SpecialPowerModule ModuleTag_CreateAHeroBombardStarter_Level3
	SpecialPowerTemplate		= SpecialAbilityCreateAHeroBombard_Level3
	UpdateModuleStartsAttack	= Yes
	StartsPaused			= Yes
Behavior = WeaponFireSpecialAbilityUpdate ModuleTag_NormalBombardUpdate_Level3
	SpecialPowerTemplate	= SpecialAbilityNormalBombard_Level3
	WhichSpecialWeapon		= 4						; use MODELCONDITION_SPECIAL_WEAPON_FOUR
	SkipContinue			= Yes

	UnpackTime			  = 900
	PreparationTime		 = 1   
	PersistentPrepTime	  = 1500 
	PackTime				= 1100
	FreezeAfterTriggerDuration	= 2500				; make sure we can't move immediately after.

	AwardXPForTriggering	= 0		
	StartAbilityRange		= 300.0
	MustFinishAbility		= Yes
	SpecialWeapon			= NormalBombardWeapon

What I added to Upgrade.ini

Upgrade Upgrade_NormalBombard_Level3
	Type = OBJECT

What I added to Specialpower.ini

SpecialPower SpecialAbilityNormalBombard_Level3
	ReloadTime	   	= 240000 // // in milliseconds	
	InitiateAtLocationSound = CaH_DwarfBombardStartMS

What I added to Rogash Rank 10 in experience.ini

ExperienceLevel	RogashLevel10
	TargetNames						=	AngmarRogash
	RequiredExperience				=	ROGASH_LVL10_EXP_NEEDED 
	ExperienceAward					=	ROGASH_LVL10_EXP_AWARD	
	  AttributeModifiers				=	HeroLevelUpDamage9
	Rank							=	10
		Upgrades												=	   Upgrade_NormalBombard_Level3
	LevelUpFx						=	FX:GandalfLevelUp1FX
;LevelUpOCL						=	OCL_GandalfLevelUp1OCL
		Texture						=	decal_hero_evil
		OpacityMin					=	50%	
		OpacityMax					=	100%
		MinRadius					=	40;16
		MaxRadius					=	200;16
		MaxSelectedUnits			=	40;1

What I added to commandbutton.ini

CommandButton Command_Normal_Bombard_Level3
	Command				= SPECIAL_POWER
	SpecialPower		= SpecialAbilityNormalBombard_Level3
	Options				= NEED_TARGET_POS 
	TextLabel			= CONTROLBAR:CAH_Bombard_Level3
	ButtonImage			= SBGood_Bombard
	ButtonBorderType	= ACTION
	DescriptLabel		= CONTROLBAR:TooltipCAH_Bombard_Level3
	RadiusCursorType	= RainOfFireRadiusCursor
	CursorName			= AttackObj
	InvalidCursorName	= GenericInvalid
	InPalantir			= Yes

And finally what I added to Rogash's commandset in commandset.ini

CommandSet AngmarRogashCommandSet
	1	= Command_ToggleStance
	2	   = Command_RogashDominateTroll
		3	   = Command_RogashLeap
		4	   = Command_LurtzPillage
		5	   = Command_SpecialAbilityRageoftheNorth
	6	  = Command_Normal_Bombard_Level3
	12 	= Command_CaptureBuilding
	13 	= Command_AttackMove
	14 	= Command_Stop
	16	  = Command_SetStanceBattle
	17	  = Command_SetStanceAggressive
	18	  = Command_SetStanceHoldGround

Those are all the codes I added for the power, now the problem.
When I open up rotwk all is fine....no errors etc good start I thought :grin:
I started a skirmish as angmar got rogash and the power was there! still good i thought
I got him to rank 10 which is what rank I set the power to in experiencelevels.ini but the button was still faded out as if I was still only at rank 1??? I went over my code and couldnt find anything wrong.
Can any1 point out wat I have missing in my code?? Or what am doing wrong?? This would be much appreciated.

I will be away for 2-3 days and I may be able to check this thread while I'm away, but maybe not.
So hopefully by the time I get home there will be some much needed replys.
I would really appreciate it.

Bye for now

Patch 1.03

30 October 2006 - 06:37 AM

heya guys,
I'm back asking nooby questions :p , *sighs* sorry just need practise.
I wasn't sure where to post this but if needed to be moved I apologize.
I was just wondering if anyone had a link to patch 1.03 for bfme 1 if there is such a thing. I'm positive there is but I'm not sure if it is a download or u just go to play online and it downloads I do not know.
I dont have the net on my pc atm so if it as a link excellent.
Thanks Guys

Editing Elvenstar

29 October 2006 - 03:35 AM

OK heya guys,
I'm sort of new to modding so take it easy ;)
I have downloaded the elvenstar mod installed it and it all works no probs.
I know and underdtand how to edit the inis with out the elvenstar mod on.
I'm not really happy with somethings on the elvenstar mod ie cost of buildings/units etc is there anyway i can edit these whilst keeping the added factions/units etc????