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In Topic: RA3: Help connecting with two PCs on the same LAN

23 May 2022 - 01:36 PM

alternatively, another thing you can try is downloading an ipv4 supporting vpn like windscribe free vpn https://windscribe.com/ for which you should then create and verify your account. Once it’s installed you should have a little windscribe window on your desktop, open it and in the upper left corner you should see 3 stripes, click them, and then locate the debug menu where you should find a switch called Ipv6 which you shouldn’t touch yet as windscribe underwent an update and therefore this guide needs some work, by default Ipv6 is turned on however we want to turn it off which will require a pc restart, after the restart  windscribe should pop up automatically and to get it working with the game do the following:

1. make sure that NOTHING is draining data in the background (with a verified windscribe account you get 10GB of data monthly for free which is sufficient for just playing the game)

2. activate windscribe and wait until it’s connected, as soon as it is you can check again if anything is draining data

3. launch the game



Thanks for your suggestion.  It turns out that the free version of protonvpn does not allow P2P connections but windscribe seems to work fine for online games through cnc online.


So I am able to play games through cnc online and it works well.  This will allow playing the campaign in coop so this is a plus.   I have not tried the LAN network play yet but I don't really need it if the other way (online) works.