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RA3: Help connecting with two PCs on the same LAN

05 May 2022 - 12:12 AM



I am on Windows 10 on both PCs with the Ultimate Collection on both each with a valid license I bought.  Both computers can play campaign and skirmish games.


I was able to play RA3 in coop with my friend through internet but I am having problem playing with my son on my LAN.  Both Network and Online (through C&C online) have issues.  Network I cannot see the other player.  Online I can see the players and each can host and join the other game but I get the Error connecting 1-2 problem when launching.


I tried the common solutions:

Solution 1: Not applicable since I bought two "The Ultimate Collection bundle".
Solution 2: Not applicable for RA3.
Solution 3: I can play with my friend on the internet so I have no firewall issue with C&C:Online.
Solution 4: I am using my LAN IP (192.168.x.x) in Network settings.  I am not using Hamachi, Tunngle or similar services.
Solution 5aNot applicable for RA3.

Solution 5b: Tried this but it does not help.

Solution 6: I don't want to reduce my LAN security by opening DMZ.


Another post suggested using a VPN:

Solution 7: I also tried ProtonVPN one the game hosting PC and that did not help either.  I am getting the Error connecting 1-2 message.


Is there a way to troubleshoot this?  I could not find any logs with detailed error.  Anyone can tell me where they are?