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Adding A Buildable Base Defense To The Ai

19 June 2004 - 11:53 AM

I've found your tutorials on adding new units very useful but now i've moved into the realm of adding structures and base defenses for the AI to build.

Can you give me information on how to do this? Is there a tutorial on this subject i might have missed?

Thanks for a very useful informative site.

My flash anime music video's...

25 May 2004 - 03:52 AM

I've made a few flash anime music video's for my girl friends board and wanted to get some opinions... This is my first time using Flash MX Professional...

You will need

Macromedia Flash Player

Download from the board by clicking the thumbnail... wait patiently for it to download... when a pop-up TV appears push the play button...

Amanda's Hangout

Download directly

Suicide Blonde

Friends fall away

Heart Shaped Box

Heaven Sent


Switching views

18 May 2004 - 10:38 AM

I've been working on my idea for one unit control where by clicking one single unit say a crusader for example the camera changes to either the 3rd person or 1st person view...

I've done this because I liked the premise for this rts "Machines" where you can select a single unit then it switches to 3rd person view allowing you to go inside structures.


I have the view switching working good but my problem is once I assume control of a single unit my targeting system doesn't show up making it impossible for me to lock on a enemy to fire...

Any suggestions?

New factions SkirmishScripts.scb

07 May 2004 - 01:38 AM

First, you post up a tutorial about making your cool Tesla coil, which gets you a credit, you then spend the credit to buy an Add Factions tutorial  :rolo:
jk  :)

I have a feeling Mithril is slowly working on a tutorial for adding new factions.

Thanks... It took me 2 weeks of day and night testing to get the electrical effect I wanted... But i'm very happy with how it turned out...

I put it up for who ever wants it here

Tesla Zip File

Mithril is working on a tutorial for adding new factions... Thats good news... I want to learn all I can with this...