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#1105376 SEE Iron Hills dwarves

Posted by Nazgûl on 30 December 2019 - 06:45 PM

Thank you Bashkuga for rigging my Iron Hills swordsman...  :thumbsuphappy:



#1105236 SEE "Stumpy" War Troll

Posted by Nazgûl on 19 December 2019 - 03:25 PM

Really happy to see this poor guy, finally in game, smashing vanilla dwarves...  :thumbsupxd:





#1105110 SEE "Stumpy" War Troll

Posted by Nazgûl on 12 December 2019 - 11:23 PM

Bashkuga has now rigged the Stumpy Troll with awesome result. Minimal amound of artifacts, despite the difficulty of matching my rather high poly models to the basic SKL.


Stumpy will be an expensive single late game unit with tremendeous power  :thumbsupxd:



#1105072 SEE Harad Fortress

Posted by Nazgûl on 08 December 2019 - 11:22 PM

Like a millenia later... I've gotten around to start modeling the Harad fortress I've had in mind, for all these years...




The idea is that it will have a surface and texture finish like this... 



#1105020 SEE "Stumpy" War Troll

Posted by Nazgûl on 06 December 2019 - 05:43 PM

Topologizing the maces...



#1104992 SEE Gundabad Soldier Orcs

Posted by Nazgûl on 03 December 2019 - 09:59 PM

Ages later, with my new PC, I finally got a chance to start topology...



#1104908 A couple of animation sets.

Posted by Nazgûl on 25 November 2019 - 05:20 PM

Looks good. Fluid transitions, natural speed, no glitches. Nice!

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#1104894 [BFME1/BFME2/ROTWK] Games Download & Installation Guide

Posted by Nazgûl on 24 November 2019 - 11:33 AM

Just wanted to state for the record... the installation guide is foolproof and all the files download, install and work flawlessly. The only thing I didn't verify is the KeyGens as I used my disc serials. But other than that, take my word for it - this is the holy grail for BFME gamers and the community surrounding them. Good job on keeping the only Lord of the Rings RTS gaming heritage alive since the developers abandoned this franchise long ago  :thumbsupcool:

#1104893 The Big Reveal: AGE OF THE RING

Posted by Nazgûl on 24 November 2019 - 11:26 AM

I must say...


I tried this mod for the first time yesterday... Playtested several factions, looking for unique additions - and was completely drowned with them.  Blown away actually... This is truly a megalodon of a mod, a beast of burden, a monumental mile stone in modding (I could go on  :smile2ap: ). But in short, I'm just really impressed. Suddenly my SEE mod seems a bit, narrow  :whathuh: If I would to pad myself on the shoulder, I'd say that I am pretty decent at modeling (even though I suck at keeping them low poly) and I have a very high attention to detail, in both models and FX where I put extra effort in "realism" for fire, smoke, dust, splashes etc. In that last aspect, I see some things that I would definitely edit in AotR. But as far as models go, I simply can't match this outstanding ability of making low poly models look high poly. You guys truly excel in this area. Also rigging and animations. Your models, their textures and animations just look like professional studio models and you put EA to shame basically. I'm especially impressed by your Erebor, Iron Hills and Misty Mountains models and factions. Those are the factions I've been working on myself the past few years (!), but my models suffer from high poly count  :whatoa: Your dwarves in particular is just perfect in every way, AND low poly. Also, your new structures are amazing in both design, details and texture quality. Not ot mention the sheer number of them. 


In short - well done guys!  :thumbsupcool:


Let me know if you want any of my models in your mod  <^_^

#1104888 Naz's new system

Posted by Nazgûl on 23 November 2019 - 08:50 PM

After almost 12 years with a very very good, reliable and faithful laptop that never ever broke down (in hardware) but eventually reached an age where I just no longer could be bothered to reinstall failing software and lacking the possibility of even trying new games, I finally had the opportunity (through a second job) to obtain a brand new system that will most likely last me another 10 years or so  :thumbsuphappy:  I haven't even been able to play (or mod) the game for over 2 years now due to software failure and lack of motivation due to that...  :whatoa:


My old laptop:


HP Pavilion dv6 @ Windows 7

CPU: Intel Core i5 Dual Core @ 2,5 GHZ

RAM: 4 GB DDR3 @ 1333 MHz
HDD: 640 GB SATA @ 5400 rpm
GPU: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 @ 1 GB DDR3




My new desktop:




HP Omen X @ Windows 10

CPU: Intel Core i7X Octa Core @ 3,5 GHz

RAM: 32 GB DDR4 @ 2400 MHz

HDD: 512 GB SSD + 3 TB SATA @ 7200 rpm

GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1080Ti Founders Edition @ 11 GB DDR5


I could use zBrush without any problems on my old laptop (all my models are made on that machine) and BFME ran pretty good, being from the same era. But in really intense scenes with lots and lots of units, there were some hefty lagg. Nothing that hindered gameplay too much, but still noticable. With the new system everything flows smooth no matter how many units I have on screen, as expected. I wonder if it's the CPU, the RAM or the GPU though, or a combination of them all that makes the really big difference with the old SAGE engine. I'm curios what other modders and players of BFME-series have used and are using now and how your BFME games perform/ed on your systems.


Way way back, I tried runing on a desktop with a Pentium something processor @ 1 GHz and 512 MB RAM. That was not a pretty sight. But I wonder where  the "sweet spot" crossover is as my new system is obviously overkill for this ancient game.

#1103952 SEE Gundabad War Troll

Posted by Nazgûl on 28 September 2019 - 11:07 PM

And there it is...  :whatoa:





#1103667 SEE Gundabad War Troll

Posted by Nazgûl on 14 September 2019 - 10:36 PM

Kids... don't get kids. It will eat up all your energy and time for modding ;)


Not that anyone still cares, but I'll just leave this here...






#1088873 Nazgûl's models

Posted by Nazgûl on 22 August 2018 - 09:32 AM

I hate how my old images are broken liks now...  :evilthinkin:


Anyways, here's some new stuff for my gallery  :whatoa:



#1088872 SEE Gundabad Soldier Orcs

Posted by Nazgûl on 22 August 2018 - 09:24 AM

During my long absence, I made these helmets for the Gundabad Orcs...

It's basically all helmets that I can distinguish from the movie  :thumbsupxd:



#1088558 The Nazgûl Family

Posted by Nazgûl on 16 August 2018 - 11:39 AM

Holy smokes the years go by fast...  :omg: this is crazy. I started in 2006, and now it's like another ice age has passed. I wonder if I'll die of old are before I ever get to see another SEE out  :whatoa:


Anyways... I miss modding and the community, but life just took me in another direction I guess. These days my little nazgûl is my precious, and during these first 1,5 years of his life I haven't had any chance to hang around here, because when I do, I find it harder to stop the urge to mod  :smile2ap: The first 6 months of his life was just a never ending cycle of feeding, sleeping and changing diapers and catching whatever little sleep we could have ourselves. After that things got even more hectic as he started to crawl and eventually walk and run. Now, most of our home is locked, taped, blocked or in some way secured from his little curious fingers  :thumbsupxd: I love being a dad, but it is SERIOUS work, ALL day from dawn 'til dusk. And at night you're just completely beat so I often pass out way before my regular bedtime, lol. 


However, since a little while back he started preschool. So when I have scheduled days off from work and my son is in day care I get a little chance to sometimes do some modding work. I have no idea anymore if I will ever get a playable version of SEE out there, or if there's still anyone left from the old fellowship who is willing to help me out with this never ending project - but it's still fun to carry on in whatever little time I have.  :whatoa:


I will post some modeling updates very soon... featuring more of the Gundabad Soldier Orcs, Berserker Orcs and War Trolls...  :thumbsuphappy: