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Reborn Update #3

10 August 2010 - 01:33 PM

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Greetings Reborn fans!

It is time once again for another update.

First up, yet another interview by AnNo1935 from CnC Saga

Hey, please tell us something about yourself

- Zeke: My name's Zach, I am 21, and I'm currently 3rd year college majoring in Industrial Design
- Chris: My name's Christian, Chris for short and I'm 19 years old. Turning 20 this May 30.

Please tell us something about your Mods (Show some links etc)

- Zeke: ZH Reborn is a mod for generals zero hour. It adds some new generals each with their own unique units, structures. powers and upgrades. It also adds new content for some of the existing generals.

The current generals lineup is as follows:

President Bush - USA Commander In Chief
General Granger - USA Airforce General
General Townes - USA Energy Weapons General
General Ironside - USA Advanced Weapons General

General Leang - China Tiger Empress
General Kwai - China Tank General
General Fai - China Infantry General
General Tao - China Artillery General

President Hussein - GLA Dictator
Dr. Thrax - GLA Toxin General
Osama Bin Laden - GLA Terror Leader
General Deathstrike - GLA Junkyard General

for more info visit our site(http://www.gameapoll...eborn/index.php) or our ModDB page(http://www.moddb.com...ro-hour-reborn1)

What makes your Mod so special? What is the difference to other Mods?

- Chris: Simple, it's made purely for fun. There's no "competitive" side on the gameplay unlike many other mods today who trade competitive balance over sheer good fun. You also get a lot of interesting units to wreck havoc on your opponents in a fun way.

- Zeke: One thing that seperates Reborn from other mods is that we don't strive to be special. Reborn is a no bullshit unit addition mod for Zero Hour. Our main purpose is to make boring old Zero Hour a lot more interesting.

How long will it take until it’s released?

- Chris: to quote Zeke's GenX page: "WEN ITS FUKKEN DONE!!!".

Will the AI be able to handle this Mod? Will there be any problems?

- Zeke: There should be no problems with the AI if all goes as planned.

Do you have any future plans for your Mods or your real life? What’s about to be next?

- Zeke: We are planning to fix some of the older versions, by removing all of the game crashing bugs and making them compatible with other mods.

How important is the community for you?

- Zeke: the community is very important, if not for them we wouldn't even be here :p

Are there any problems with the Mod or within your team? Or is all working out perfectly?

- Zeke: Aside from our slow pace, everything is fine.

What is your next project / the project you’re working on at the moment?

- Zeke: I am also the leader of another mod Generation X(http://www.moddb.com/mods/generation-x)
- Chris: While i'm the leader of the mod called C&C Untitled. Please do check it out at this link(http://www.moddb.com...onquer-untitled)

How did you get the idea to make this mod? How did it all start?

- Zeke: ZH Reborn is one of the first ZH mods. It was made by Nuker back in 2003 and instantly became a huge hit in CnC files.

However Reborn used a lot of content from other mods without permission, when the fans learned of this Reborn became one of the most hated mods in modding history. Because of this and general lack of interest Nuker decided to put the project to rest with the release of the Reborn V6 public beta.

Somewhere mid 2009, Chris and I decided to restart Reborn and clear it's rotten reputation. We are now working on the latest version V7.

Is there anything you want to tell the community?

- Zeke: Well we would like to thank the community for all their support, despite Reborn's shady past. We promise to change all that and give Reborn the proper respect that it deserves.

What are your next steps?

- Zeke: We are planning to add a new campaign for V7 based on the older Reborn titles. We're also planning to fix the General's challenge to include all the new generals complete with their own taunts and intro videos. And of course like many mods before us, we're planning on giving Reborn a proper, fully working navy.

Will there be additional maps?

- Zeke: Yes, we will be fixing all the classic Reborn maps from the older versions and will be readding them in V7.

What is the difference between the normal factions and the ones of your Mod? What is so special about them?

- Chris: We will be bringing back old classics that made Reborn special. Not only that, we will also introduce a few new creations of our own.

Now that that's done, let's move on to the renders :)

Starting with Towne's new defences:

Laser Turret

Posted Image

General Townes' pride and joy, the "Apollo" laser turret is the first ever compact high powered laser weapon developed for the US military. It is the first ever laser weapon powerful enough to pierce through the thickest armor plating, and yet small enough to be used anywhere on the battlefield.

Townes plans to make the design even more compact to be used in vehicles and even ground infantry.

So I gave the laser turret a shiny new model and skin, while still maintaining EA's overall design. I dunno what it is about that "water squirter" but I likes it. :p

Here are some comparison pics:
Posted Image Posted Image

Energy Firebase

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The Energy Firebase lobs super heated plasma bolts at long distances. Like it's predecessor, the Energy Firebase can be garrisoned by 4 infantry incase the enemy gets too close.

For those who are wondering, yes that is the "Heavy Artillery" turret from the Tower Defense: Trinity Force mod. Special thanks to Dibelius, for creating the awesome model and the totally awesome mod.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, go here: http://www.moddb.com...e-trinity-force
and stop living under that rock!

Last but not least, we have a new China unit for ya!

In honor of Project Raptor's return to the modding scene, I present to you the Spider Tank for General Leang

Posted Image

the number 8 has always been important to China. It is a sign of good luck and prosperity. Armed with 8 omni-directional missile launchers, the Spider Tank is ready to "spread it's wealth" among the masses.

The Spider is Leang's primary anti armor vehicle. After launching a missile, the turret will turn counter clockwise to align the next launcher to the target and fire again. To put it simply, the Spider Tank works like a "gattling" missile launcher.

When faced with a large group of enemies, the Spider Tank can quickly launch all it's missiles, regardless of where it's facing, into a single area to create a devastating barrage. It's sophisticated guidance system can keep it's full clip of 32 micro rockets on target regardless of launch position and direction.

I got the idea for this unit after seeing the Spider Tank in Project Raptor. It replaces Leang's gattling tank and her BMs role as anti armor vehicle. You can think of it as a Tank Hunter on steroids :p

Phew almost done, time for some SCREENIES!!

well that's it! Hope you enjoyed this months update :)

Generation X Mini June Update

01 June 2010 - 03:58 PM

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Greetings Revora CnC community, Zeke here bringing you the latest news from my mod Generation X.

For more info, you can visit us at our forums or head on to our Moddb page.

This fairly large mini update is all about our concept artist Anubis.

Anubis has designed some of the most memorable units in GenX. The Phalanx Tank Destroyer, The Lightning Spike, and The God Emperor are just some of those units.

In celebration of his birthday this June 1st we will be showcasing some of his latest work for future GenX units, starting with The Athena Platform for General Alexander

Posted Image

A level 5 special power. It can be deployed anywhere on the map just like the sneak attack.

It is armed with 3 Phalanx Turrets that can only target small and ballistic missiles ( no air units ), 2 EMP Missile Pods that only targets ground targets, and a Heavy HE cannon turret that fires HE shells. It can be garrisoned by up to 5 soldiers and it can even detect stealth.

However it also has some downsides. The platform requires 10 power to function and is vulnerable to attack while being deployed.

Next we have China's Tier 3 Tech Center

Posted Image

Like the USA Battlelab, this building will unlock China's tier 3 units and upgrades, including Nuclear Tanks and DPU Shells.

Finally we have the China Khan Support Vehicle

Posted Image

One of China's new T3 units, the Khan is cheaper than the overlord but less armored. It comes with 2 single barrel gattling cannons and a module slot that can take 3 possible upgrades:

A. Propaganda Tower - Self explanatory.

B. AP Gattling Canon - Murders ground units, can't shoot air.

C. THOR missile system - Murders air units and detects stealth.

Well that's all for now, hope you enjoyed the update, and Happy Birthday Anubis :)