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INI Question

23 May 2007 - 02:34 AM

I'm wondering if there is any way to make Mordor Mumakil be able to hide in trees? Just the way elves and rangers have this ability, I want to do some messing around and make mumakils do the same thing. :)

Is this possible by doing some simple changes in the INI, or does it require some actual modding? Thx in advance.

Step-by-step guide for TEA mIRC

10 January 2007 - 03:30 AM

Someone pls write a step-by-step guide for how to get on the channel. I can't wait any longer because it isn't as effective to have to wait on ppl's posts here and talk about them when I can help test them and suggest stuff real time ingame. :)

gogogogogogo ;)

How did TEA do in the ModDB Awards?

01 January 2007 - 11:58 PM

I'm sure we did great! I was just wondering what place we got Cel...


Elven siege analysis

26 December 2006 - 05:28 PM

Simple poll to find out what everyone thinks about the current Elven siege situation. ;) Add some discussion behind your votes by the way. :wub:

Matchup Discussion

23 December 2006 - 03:17 AM

I just played a few games with one of my good friends on TEA. Both of us are experienced players with BfME and from that experience with former patches we had the chance to discuss the changes that the Elves may need for the mod to be balanced to satisfaction. (or at least ours :dry:) Here's some notes that I'd like to point out for discussion: :)

Isen > Elves

This matchup just goes without saying. All that a decent Isen player has to do is do a pit start --> lumber mills --> 1-2 uruks from pit and send all the hordes straight to the Elven base, cast WC and wtfpwn his castle. What defence does the Elf player have? Well, none. :( With WC, a mirkwood scout battalion wouldn't even kill one uruk horde.

The solution to this case is to a.) decrease outer defensive flets to around 300 and/or b.) set their build times to about that of the FoD sentry towers. Cel or anyone, I don't have a stopwatch to check the build times of Elven defensive flets but an Elven player certainly won't be able to get a flet up in time to even hinder a decent uruk rush. Maybe if we can find a way for the Elves to have a suitable counter to Isen, this matchup can be fair.

Gondor > Elves

This matchup is almost reasonable so far since Gondor stables and cav are equal to the Elves in cost, but now that Gondor has three hobbits and two soldiers to fight the Elves' single mirkwood scout battalion, the Elves are going to have a hard time keeping their economy alive in this situation.

The only ideas I would have here is to: a.) increase the health of orchards so that they aren't destroyed so quickly and/or b.) give the Elves a new soldier unit that is the equivalent of Rohan peasants in stats and is built from the Mirkwood Lookout Tower. They could cost 150 and be reasonably fast but still not be as powerful as Gondor soldiers.

Rohan > Elves

This matchup is also okay in balance but if Rohan peasant spams and harasses Elves then yet again, the Elves are dead. Yes a mirkood scout can kill a single oncoming peasant battalion as long as the archers are in skirmish formation, but if you have one MS battalion defending your multiple orchards then you're just toast. I think if the Elves did an orchard --> MLT start then they might be able to get 1-2 extra mirkwood scouts out to defend their outer settlements and be okay.

The same idea with Gondor comes up: give the Elves a soldier unit that is cheap and weak but is still efficient enough to keep the Elven economy alive.

Elves > Mordor

Rightfully so this is the way this matchup should be. I find no serious imbalances that gives the Elves an overpowered advantage over Mordor. The only problem Mordor could possibly have in my opinion is if the Elves did an orchard --> MLT start and made a few extra mirkwood scouts, then sent each battalion near a Mordor lumber mill and sniped at the laborers. Or maybe that is too Op? ;)

Well these ideas are just things I wanted to throw out there, not as any sort of negative critizism since I know TEA is still in the beta stages. :p And don't get me wrong, the Elves and heroes are what gives TEA its true glory. But if the mod wants to go as far as "the BfME 2 of BfME," I just think some balance work would really help.

Discuss! :)