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The Nazgul

29 December 2020 - 11:36 AM

One thing that's been bothering me for some time is how it is to be the Nazgul. I know they're the slaves of the One Ring, but how much of their past identities are left in them? And do they have any leftovers of the free will they once had?


For example the Witch - King. As a Nazgul he was the king of Angmar, and that required a lot of management with logistics, economy, commanding an army and stuff like that. Many important decisions he had to make in order to have a country function properly. I wonder whether it worked like a scripted computer program (like AI in BFME :smile2ap:), so that he could do only what a programmer (Sauron) coded in him to function, or maybe he had some sort of authonomy and worked according to his own mind, as long as it did not contradict the will of his master. Same questions applies to hunting Frodo, attack on Gondor etc.


I personally often imagine the minds of the Nazgul somewhat similar to that of Gollum, but much more enslaved to the Ring (through the Nine Rings). So they're still autonomous and have some leftovers of their past identities inside (though probably even less than Gollum has), but are unable to act against Sauron, even if they don't like him (similar to how Gollum couldn't allow Frodo to destroy his Precious, even though a part of him knew it's a good idea). The difference is that Gollum is in no way loyal to Sauron (but he is to his Ring) while the Nazgul are the most faithful servants of the Dark Lord, but I think it has something to do with the way the Nine Rings are supposed to work (they were made to enslave, while the One was made to rule).


But this is just my personal opinion, not canonical in any way. That's why I'm interested to know what do you think of this. Maybe someone knows more on the matter or has also some interesting opinions? Other than that, I wish you all good day and a happy new year!  <:)

SkirmishAI ArmyMemberDefinition Percentage

05 November 2020 - 07:55 AM

Hi, there's one thing that's been bothering me for some time. It's those ArmyMemberDefinitions in skirmishaidata.ini, something like this:


ArmyMemberDefinition GondorFighterHorde_Member
Unit = GondorFighterHorde ;infantry
PercentageOfArmyPhase1 = 45.0 ;;,;; 40.0
PercentageOfArmyPhase2 = 35.0 ;,; 40.0 ;;,;; 20.0 ;;,;; 40.0
PercentageOfArmyPhase3 = 20.0 ;;,;; 30.0



You see, there are those percentages of units in army in certain phases of the game. But when I summed it up with other Men unit percentages of phase 1, I got 187, not 100. It's similar with other factions and other phases. So, can someone explain it to me? I thought percentages work in different way.


And, most importantly, if I wanted to add a new unit, say RohanFighterHorde (just an example) to Men SkirmishAi, do I have to subtract some percentages from other hordes in order to keep this 187? Or can I just add some numbers without modifying the other units' parameters and It'll work just as well?


Thanks in advance for some explanation here, I wish you all good day  :smile2ap:


Campaign modding

25 October 2020 - 03:08 PM

Hi, I have a few questions regarding campaign modding. What interests me is how much can you edit the campaigns. I'd like to know how to add some cinematics or pictures, but I'm not sure how is it implemented in the game. For example, when you finish one mission there shows a picture and few buttons, like next mission or save game. I want to know how to change thoses pictures and some cinematic interludes. I also wonder if I can add mission choice on the map like in BFME 1 or the thing that one mission unlocks the next one but if you choose other mission you'll unlock other missions (for example a good and evil path for the character). So basically I'm thinking about more RPG approach to BFME campaigns and I'd like to know if any of my ideas are even possible (maybe none of them are because of the engine limitations; I'm unsure of that so I'm asking some more experienced modders out there ;) ). Thanks in advance and cheers :)

New hero ability

14 August 2020 - 10:34 AM

Hi, I've made a new Orc hero and I want to give him an ability to replenish fallen orcs. This ability is based on Lurtz Carnage / CAH Berserker Rage, so it's supposed to work only when it's activated. Here's what I done so far:


//    Replenish Allies POWER
Behavior = UnpauseSpecialPowerUpgrade ModuleTag_CreateAHeroBerserkerRageEnabler_Level1_SoS ;;.;;
    SpecialPowerTemplate = SpecialAbilityLurtzCarnage
    TriggeredBy = Upgrade_ObjectLevel8
    RequiresAllTriggers = Yes ;;,;; was missing :(    
Behavior = SpecialPowerModule ModuleTag_CreateAHeroBerserkerRageStarter_Level1
    SpecialPowerTemplate        = SpecialAbilityLurtzCarnage
    UpdateModuleStartsAttack    = No
    StartsPaused                = Yes
    TargetEnemy                    = No
    SetModelCondition        = ModelConditionState:USER_5 ;;,;;
    SetModelConditionTime        = 2.0 ;;,;;
    DisableDuringAnimDuration    = Yes ;;,;;
    Behavior = BannerCarrierUpdate BannerCarrierUpdateModuleTag
        Conditions = ModelConditionState:USER_5
        IdleSpawnRate            = 10000                            ; spawn a new member every n seconds when idle (in miliseconds)
        HeroEffectDuration        = 20000
    ObjectFilter = NONE +ORC +URUK +GOBLIN
        UnitSpawnFX            = FX_BannerCarrierSpawnUnit                ; name of particle FX to use when the BannerCarrier spawns a new unit
    Behavior = AutoAbilityBehavior ModuleTag_BladeOfPurityAutoAbility ;;,;;
        SpecialAbility                = SpecialAbilityLurtzCarnage
        ForbiddenStatus = INSIDE_GARRISON ;;,;; This seems to prevent the ability from being used inside a tower
        MaxScanRange                = 200
        Query                        = 15 ALL ENEMIES -WALL_UPGRADE -WALL_HUB -WALL_SEGMENT -DEFENSIVE_WALL ;,; 1


So basically I used a Lurtz Carnage ability, which unlocks Model Condition State USER_5, which should then unlock BannerCarrierUpdate. However, when I start the game, I get an error message saying "Unknown field Conditions in block Object", which is propably refering to this file. I'm also unsure about the other parts of the code, so I'd be gratefull if someone could help me with this.

Something's wrong with BFME2 orc models

27 July 2020 - 05:27 AM

When I was playing BFME2 I noticed something strange with Mordor Orc Warrior models - some of them have strange holes in their backs, which isn't the case in BFME1. I haven't seen that discussed in a forum yet, so I wanted to know if anyone else noticed that or if there's something wrong with my version of the game. It happens on vanilla BFME2 and ROTWK, both on official and unofficial patches. I included a screenshot from the game.

Attached File  sshot0001.png   1.68MB   5 downloads