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Faction specific battleplans

31 August 2004 - 10:51 AM

Hey there,
What do all you guys think are the best battleplans for a Vanilla USA to use, when faced with certain opponents?

I want it to choose its battleplan based upon the enemy faction.
I'd reckon that Hold the Line is useful when fighting Airforce General in particular, since it gives your Strat Center survivability against the inevitable raptor/aurora attacks. Most of the time I use S&D, as this spots Spies entering the base and gives ground forces a weapon range bonus.

Any suggestions/thoughts?

Lord Akkrand

Repairing of Chinooks/Commanches?

30 August 2004 - 05:44 AM

Anyone know how to get the AI to repair a chinook or commanche? Barring the first hurdle of identifying that they are damaged, I realised I can't think of any action or commandbutton that tells an aircraft - or a tank for that matter - to return to the factory for repairs.
This would be quite useful, if at some point I can identify that a unit is at X% health, telling a chinook to repair when its damaged, or a commanche, will save the computer a lot of money in the long run.
Also if anyone else has some idea how to identify when they are damaged, I'm still trying to figure out how to do this - would be good to send <20% health china tanks back to the nearest propaganda tower...

Lord Akkrand

Battlebus multple lives

09 August 2004 - 04:59 AM


Does anyone know how I can tell if a battlebus has lost its first 'life'?
I ask because the computer using battlebuses is quite nasty, but sometimes I have them load them with a full 8 tunnel defenders, and when the battlebus loses its second life, they all die; quite expensive.
I'd prefer it if I could do something along the lines of (in psuedocode):
Battlebus has lost first life
Battlebus is at 25% or less health
Team <This Team> evacuates its transports.

and then the team can either hunt or head back to base and disband, so they can jump into another bus.
I'd also like some sort of check like if the battlebus has lost its first life and there are no enemies in range then exit the transport and head back to base and disband.

Seems that the computer would be a whole lot more effective if he didn't waste these thousands of credits and the time to build these guys.

Anyone got any suggestions where I'd find a condition or action that could check this? I've had a cursory glance over the conditions and nothing jumped out at me.

Lord Akkrand

Where does the computer pick its 'enemy'?

06 August 2004 - 03:39 AM

I want to find how the computer AI picks it opponent, the one it concentrates on, so as when the computer has multiple opponents, it goes for certain ones above others (ones it can kill easier). For instance if the computer was playing Airforce I wouldn't want him to target Infantry General if there was an America against him, which he could kill easier.
An added bonus would be the comp would be able to 'gang up' when there multiple players on both sides...

Anyone have any idea if this is a script or if it can be changed at all?

Lord Akkrand

How do I make the AI rebuild quicker?

04 August 2004 - 03:37 AM


I noticed in Lion's AI mod that the computer rebuilds his base a whole lot quicker than the normal AI. He's on holiday atm, so I can't ask him...
Does anyone know a method for making the computer rebuild destroyed parts of his base quicker?
Is it simply a matter of having more money and having more dozers free? Or is there a script-based approach to it?
Also the rebuilding of command centers - why is it they don't ever seem to get rebuilt but every other building does?
At the moment I find the AI for all USA and China factions are way too easy to take out, just hit their command center with a few auroras/couple of superweapons or powers, and it's all over for them.
Normally I'd be of the opinion that a player who loses his CC is pretty much a goner anyway, but when we're fighting multple computers, it seems we can hit one's command center and then forget about him until its time to mop up. I'd like computers to regain their former glory and come back from almost nothing.

Lord Akkrand