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windows 10 issue i think this is

02 October 2020 - 12:56 PM

hi, i have the online app,
i have done what i can with the  network stuff, it does see one pc in lan mode (to diagnose ports etc).

for the online app, it doesn't run the games (trying kanes wrath at the moment)
what it does do is run a second copy of the online app gui.

it doesn't allow to manually run the game, so it does not hook into the game, it just runs another copy of the app and keeps doing it when i click kanes wrath

it is run as administrator.
i don't have Hamachi
ip not using WIFI, I'm using ethernet.

i use openwrt on my router wrt1200ac 
all ports forwarded for the game.

have checked everything i can.

os windows 10 pro x65 19041.508 (insiders build)
32GB ddr4 hyperx ram
msi tomahawk b450 mainboard
amd 2700x cpu
sapphire pulse RX-580 8GB

games are on separate drives (ea / origin ones are on a dedicated 2TB hdd & steam and other games on a 3TB hdd)

space is definitely not an issue lol

but seriously, i can not reproduce what the app is supposed to do, where it hooks in and redirects to your server(s)

i have tried running the app in compatibility for windows 7 and as admin to see if that would fix the issue.  no joy.

i also did the disable in game origin ui, still no change.

anything i can do to try and get it running?

thanks for your time