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Some Units develpoment

14 June 2004 - 05:03 PM

Here's a little preview shot of it...still not finished...the comm tower part (it looks like a oil rig's tower) is still confusing me...My best guess would be to make it out of several planes with transparent textures, but I haven't done that before, so I'm a bit skeptical....

Oh well....
here's the shot:
Posted Image

If anyone has anny suggestion on how it can be improved, shoot....

Allso, in this folder are pics of many SF things I did for various other games...
If you think anone of them would look good in generals just say so... I have lover poly version of most of them, so I can do these pretty fast...

>>>>>>>> My Thingy Pics <<<<<<<<<<<


1. Must the models be triangulated?

2. Can I use the attach funcion in 3DMax (Does the game engine make problems with intersecting polygons?)

3. Where can I find that cool mod that addds tons of air units, battleship, toxin troopers, black market nuke, and other neat stuff???