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In Topic: The Revora Project - Ideas

14 January 2013 - 10:08 PM

Sorry. Don't like consoles. And I really don't want to be sued by WB, like they did with the poor MERP guys.

That's fine if you don't like consoles, but you can't just ignore such a large market. Its there, its not going away and there are a lot of players willing to buy content if its priced right and has great quality.

In Topic: The Revora Project - Ideas

14 January 2013 - 09:40 PM


It actually is quite safe. You only have to worry about Warner Bros. if you want to use material based on the LotR and Hobbit films. You can release a game completely based on the book through a license agreement with Middle Earth License and their is nothing Warner Bros can do to stop you. Turbine did this with LotRO when EA had the license.

The game is meant to be small like Mark of the Ninja, Journey and other indie titles. It isn't meant to last a long time like Call of Duty.

To everyone, I implore you to think about console ports, if not RTS. Unity works with every major platform and the markets on them are just as big on PC. Plus, indie games have sold extremely well on the likes of the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Store. I get that some of you don't like consoles very much (Pasidon), but this is a market worth investing in due to its large install base.


In Topic: The Revora Project - Ideas

14 January 2013 - 09:15 PM

Hey, what's up guys? Long time no see. Pasidon just only told me about this and for some reason thinks I'd be a good addition...even though he hates the fact that I love consoles.

The game is called Ashes to Ashes and is based off the Jack the Ripper legend. It is a two-player third-person game where one player plays as Jack and the other as the Sheriff. The game will take place in a sectioned off White Chapel area.


Jack is all about stealth and deception. The player will spawn as a random avatar with the codename of Jack. They will then receive a target to kill and must assassinate that target with as few people noticing as possible. Jack can climb, blend into crowds, bribe and use his surroundings. It is essential for Jack to remain as incognito as possible as those around him will pick up his face, clothes and other details that will lead to his capture.


The sheriff will play like L.A. Noire. He will go to crime scenes and collect clues to help lead to Jack's capture. The sheriff can pick up items, examine areas and interrogate people in the area for clues. An idea I've been flirting with is a monocle that is kind of similar to Batman's detective mode that allows him to pick up things like blood trails and possibly figuring out how Jack murdered his victim. Sheriff will also have access to a gun.

There will be a total of seven targets. The game is over if Jack can pull off all seven murders or the sheriff captures him.

Honestly, if I had the time I would prepare an entire pitch for you guys, but I sadly do not :p.


My other idea is to make a new Lord of the Rings RTS game. We can easily get a license for it. My suggestion, as I've learned from Daniel (Pixel), would be to build a prototype, crowd-fund it, then we can either buy the license and publish it ourselves or pitch it to Warner Bros. in order to get film rights and such.

However, we absolutely could not use the Battle for Middle-Earth title since EA still owns that trademark.