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Tank Turrets

13 January 2008 - 12:21 AM

Ok I Have Been Looking At The Turret Logic Post In the Articles On The Main Page, So Far I Have Created The Pivot Points On My Tank In 3DS MAX, Added A Bone At The End Of The Tanks Barrel So As For The Shell To Spawn From Added Two Other Bones For Smoke Emitters. Now The Code Part Is What Im Wondering, The Code That Hostile Revealed To Us Where Exactly Placed? As A Behaviour? And Is There Anything To Put In Weapon.in?

Edit: Would I Also Need To Create Another Bone On The Turret Part Of The Tank? Or Is That Not Neccessary?


Ouchy What Is This Error?:|

08 January 2008 - 11:10 PM

Ok friend of my has made this like mini mod for him self that he is still making and well after a hero has been bought from the fortress the game minimized and then displayed a message on screen that included this message....
The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual
address for which it does not have the appropriate access.
Access address 0x00000004 was read from.

Exception occured at
0068860b game.dat+0x28860b, PooledString::operator=+0x9bb5.

Version: 1.06.2429.30210 internal 59304E6A-868F-4bb8-B389-30AA83ACADE8 release build 2006-09-25 16:06:41

EAX:0x00000000 EBX:0x00000000 ECX:0x00000000
EDX:0x00000000 ESI:0x06933b58 EDI:0x06933b68
EIP:0x0068860b ESP:0x0012e460 EBP:0x0012e484
CS:0x001b DS:0x0023 SS:0x0023
ES:0x0023 FS:0x003b GS:0x0000

ErrOfs:	  0x00668b69 ErrSel:  0x03bf001b
DataOfs:	 0x06747b08 DataSel: 0xffff0023
Cr0NpxState: 0x00000000
ST(0) 683d40daac010000ffff -1.#IND00
ST(1) 0000000000000000ffff -1.#IND00
ST(2) 0000000000000000ffff -1.#IND00
ST(3) 00000000002aafc20740 389.368469
ST(4) 000000000023b1860a40 2155.071045
ST(5) 00000000006666860140 4.200000
ST(6) 0000000000000080ff3f 1.000000
ST(7) 00000000000000820540 65.000000

13 addresses:
(unknown)(0): game.dat+2655755 PooledString::operator=+39861
(unknown)(0): game.dat+2415744 GameClientRandomVariable::setRange+105113
(unknown)(0): game.dat+2451374 GameClientRandomVariable::setRange+140743
(unknown)(0): game.dat+2726203 PooledString::operator=+110309
(unknown)(0): game.dat+2345758 GameClientRandomVariable::setRange+35127
(unknown)(0): game.dat+2951840 PooledString::operator=+335946
(unknown)(0): game.dat+3665909 FXParticleSystem::CategoryModuleInfo<3>::CategoryModuleInfo<3>+153545
(unknown)(0): game.dat+4844815 FXParticleSystem::DefaultColorModuleInfo::~DefaultColorModuleInfo+14483
(unknown)(0): game.dat+2382608 GameClientRandomVariable::setRange+71977
(unknown)(0): game.dat+2253860 FXParticleSystem::DefaultModuleKey<0>::operator=+168342
(0): (unknown mod) (unknown)
(unknown)(0): game.dat+5812286 FXParticleSystem::CategoryModuleClass<3>::getKey+44620
(0): (unknown mod) (unknown)

Bytes around EIP:
006885eb c3 8a 81 02 01 00 00 c3 8a 81 01 01 00 00 c3 e9 ʁ....ʁ....Ãé
006885fb 47 2c 11 00 e9 8b 2c 11 00 e9 46 2c 11 00 8b c1 G,..é‹,..éF,..‹Á
0068860b 8b 50 04 85 d2 74 0e 8b 4a 04 85 c9 74 05 e9 c1 ‹P.…Òt.‹J.…Ét.éÁ
0068861b af f5 ff 8b c2 c3 56 e8 e2 ff ff ff 8b 4c 24 08 ¯õÿ‹ÂÃVèâÿÿÿ‹L$.
0068862b 8b f0 e8 d7 ff ff ff 85 f6 74 13 85 c0 74 0f 8b ‹ðè×ÿÿÿ…öt.…Àt.‹

So then i run the mod again thinking it was a fluke blah blah this time instead of minimizing and displaying and stopping me from maximizing the game again it jsut crashes..... any help at all thanks :scars:

Voice Contest

08 September 2007 - 11:08 PM

Here is the link to the voice contest for The Lengendary Tales more scripts in the process


The Legendary Tales Hosting

27 August 2007 - 09:49 PM

Ok this is a mod that I have decided to bring back to life.

The first version of this mod will add only two factions based on Mythology from many Eras and locations... Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, Ireland. Later versions will include more factions and better gameplay and possibly new ai... Well obviously this is a TC mod.. not sure bfme would fit with Mythology.

This isn't completley correct on Mythology, so if any of you who are big on Mythology know but i would be glad to take in some of your ideas. I was hoping of bringing in the true essence of a battle, so that would mean close ups and different angles so the battle can be seen as it should be. Which as I will be making new maps I will then implement that, I will create a wider variation of weather maps. Different weather conditions wi;l affect units and machines in diferent ways And with foggy maps, as units move through the fog (not like fog of war) it will move but not like a big area just an area around that unit.

Well here is the Tech Tree:

---------------------Good(Name to be decided still)---------------------
Ring Hero
Zeus(Maybe Changed)

Cathbad (elite magic user/warrior; very powerful/moderately fast) 4000
Anubis (Fast/Very powerful magic user/warrior) 6000
Apollo (Fast/moderately powerful Archer) 1500
Achilles(Slow/Powerful Warrior) 2500

Anubites (Berserker Units?) 400
Satyrs (Swordsmen) 500
Griffins (Air Unit) 1000
Centaurs (Cavalry) 600
High Elves (Archers) 600
Gray Wolves (Stealth scouts built from Fortress) 150

Griffin's Nest
Tree of the Ancients (barracks)
Alchemy Garden (produces resources)

Ring Hero
Hades(Maybe Changed)

Loki (Moderately fast/powerful warrior/magic user) 6000
Fenrir (Very fast/very powerful Wolf) 5000
Minos’ Bull (White Minotaur. moderately Fast/powerful warrior) 2000
Nessus (Black Centaur. Fast/Powerful warrior) 1500

Black Dwarves (Axemen) 600
Minotaurs (troll like) 800
Corrupted Elves (Archers) 600
Cyclopses (Spearmen) 500
Dragons(Air unit) 1000
Black Wolves (Stealth scouts built from Fortress) 150

Hell Pit (produces resources)
Barracks (name will be changed)
Dragon’s Nest
Minotaur's Refuge(name may be changed)

Team so far:

Me- Team Leader, Lead Coder, Lead Modeller, Skiner, Binder
Rudgey- Modeller, Lead Skiner
The Best Guest- Modeller
El Kevo- 2Dart

Here are some screenshots:

Griffin - By Rudgey
Attached File  griffin.png   94.32KB   20 downloads

Achilles - By The Best Guest
Attached File  achilles.png   90.36KB   14 downloads

Black Dwarf - By The Best Guest
Attached File  blackdwarf.png   111.07KB   18 downloads

Apollo - By Me
Attached File  apollo.png   95.5KB   16 downloads

Centaur - By Me
Attached File  centaur.png   86.72KB   22 downloads

Minotaur - By Rudgey
Attached File  minotaur.png   80.84KB   26 downloads

Griffin Nest - By Me
Attached File  griffinsnest.png   163.07KB   25 downloads

Satyr - By Me
Attached File  satyr.png   70.37KB   23 downloads

Here is the Anubite Warrior ready to put ingame:

Attached File  Anubite.mpg   1.77MB   58 downloads

Model - Me
Texture - Me
Binding - Me

Im not to sure on the Satyr or the Griffin Nest they are still WIP's
I know that this is maybe an insufficient amount of work to be hosted but I am working as hard as I can

I will have the Griffin skinned tonight, so be prepared for that :thumbsdownsmiley:

Currentley atm I am looking for a Moddeler & or Skinner.

Video Encoder

25 August 2007 - 02:27 PM

Hmm can someone link me to a free video encoder that works? everyone that i have used doesn't seem to convert my avi to mpeg :S.

(btw they were cracked ones :O)

Preffereably i would like that would not give me a watermark across the screen ;)