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In Topic: OreNode Cash Amount ? scripts

25 July 2021 - 07:47 PM

Hi you can do that with a lua script. Add this code to the bottom of "YourModName\data\scripts\scripts.lua" respectively the one in misc.big.

OreNodeNewValue = 10000000

function ChangeAllOreNodeMaxGatherValue(OreNodeMaxGatherValue)
	if not OreNodeMaxGatherValue then
		OreNodeMaxGatherValue = 10000000  --Original 30000
	local OreNodeRef = ""
	local OreNodeRefList = {}
	local OreNodeType = { "OreNode", "OreNode2a", "OreNode2b", "OreNode4a", "OreNode4b", "OreNode4c", "OreNode4d" }
	for i=1,getn(OreNodeType),1 do
			OreNodeRef = "object_" .. floor(GetRandomNumber()*99999999)
			ExecuteAction("TEAM_SET_PLAYERS_NEAREST_UNIT_OF_TYPE_TO_REFERENCE", OreNodeType[i], "/team", OreNodeRef)
			ExecuteAction("NAMED_FLASH", OreNodeRef, 7)
			if EvaluateCondition("NAMED_NOT_DESTROYED", OreNodeRef) then
				tinsert(OreNodeRefList, OreNodeRef)
				ExecuteAction("ORE_NODE_SET_MAX_GATHER_VALUE", OreNodeRef, OreNodeMaxGatherValue)
				ExecuteAction("UNIT_SET_TEAM", OreNodeRef, "PlyrCivilian/teamPlyrCivilian")
			else break end
		until(not EvaluateCondition("NAMED_NOT_DESTROYED", OreNodeRef))
	for i=1,getn(OreNodeRefList),1 do
		ExecuteAction("UNIT_SET_TEAM", OreNodeRefList[i], "/team")

function CodeInjection()


In Topic: 30 FPS lock disable

25 July 2021 - 07:26 PM

Just wanted to mention that I'm also working on a 60 FPS patch but for every sage game.

The project is called SageMetaTool and it's a huge engine extender framework and already supports 60 FPS for RA3 and other sage games (CNC, BFME).

Although I need to perfectionize it in the next couple of versions.

Still it would be interesting to see how @StoryboardCreativity will execute it so ultimately we could bring the best version to the community.

More infos and support: Discord