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In Topic: Mordor and rohan 1vs1

20 June 2022 - 10:20 PM

I agree for Mordor but I disagree that Rohan needs buffs. Rohan's peasants are probably the strongest unit in the game for their price, they are buffed by draft which makes them stronger than probably every early sword unit (price wise comparison, not flat out) Eowyn costs just 1000 , buffs them further and retains her usefulness all game, she is an amazing hero for 1000 and they get discounted by windmills even further which makes them insane in my opinion. Giving buffs to Rohan cav with their super strong peasants would be too much, at least that's what I think.

In Topic: Rivendel's early game

25 May 2022 - 02:05 PM

I want to add to this post, I find Rivendell's early game ridiculous vs certain factions. Isengard will be my example here since I have a replay. Isen has no tools to deal effectively deal with early Rivendell. Hobbit bounders are cheaper than wildman and do the same job, perhaps even better than wildmen. Breeland pikes cost 50 more but seem to be much stronger than Dunland pikes and get upgraded armor if they survive long enough, for free. Took are good archers for their price and support the early pike/bounder army very well and are unlocked from level 1. To get archers isengard needs to upgrade their clan steading which is 250 and the axe throwers are strong but low range, or build an uruk pit and start using scouts who are quite expensive and need to be protected by dunland pikes who die farily quickly to ranged and the archers will get 1 shot trampled by dune cav. Also my first wildman unit's pathing completely glitched, I presume because he had two buildings around the farm, which was unfortunate, this was a mistake that surely turned things in his favor from the start, but I don't think it greatly game changing. You can also see at one point lvl 1 dunedain cav trampling level 2 dunland pikes and literally one shoting them, without dying,  why is this a thing? Wargs can't ever hope to do that vs breelanders.


Rivendell already has a more balanced(lol) and cheaper army composition than Isengard just from their Breeland building. We don't even have the Dunedain in the picture yet, when they come , and they will come before your uruk pike/sword/crossbows,  Isengard is fucked. Warg riders cannot compete with Dunedain cav in the slightest, not in trample, not in eco harass or anything really, in the replay I trampled his rangers and they were half hp, true they were buffed by aragorn and the ithilieen wood, but half hp for archers with no upgraded armor..I don't think he even put them in def stance.  The uruk pit and it's upgarde is really expensive and you really need it if you hope to fight vs rangers. The rangers are versatile to boot and have stealth. Hero wise I find Aragorn the most annoying hero in the entire mod, your only hope of ever killing Aragorn is lurtz lvl 4 or high level grima who barely gets used and isn't easy to level. He has athelas heal which also heals other heroes and the Rivendell player can invest a measely 5 points to heal him and his army further, making him an unkillable menace that kills any hero and has splash damage so he kills armies quick AND buffs the already overpowering dunedain troops from level 1.




On another note this was our second match and he got dominated as Gondor vs WR, so I don't think there is a big skill gap between us, which could influence the replay's viability. 

In Topic: Results of testing replays (MM vs Riv & Mor vs Riv)

13 May 2022 - 07:59 PM

I also find Rivendell to be too strong, honestly. But I'm amazed at the claim that a Nazgul kills Elrond 1v1, how is that even possible when nazgul can barely kill warg creep without dying?