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WR Feredir creeping ability.

20 June 2022 - 10:28 PM

Hello, is the Feredir getting looked at for his ability to capture an inn then kill the troll and clear the structure with Kin Lai spears? This costs you 550 resources (150 fere+400 kin lai total but  unlocks the map for you nicely + gives you early spears+ gives a huge amount of resources and no other faction in the game can match this type of clear. Nobody can clear a troll lair so fast but WR can for a measely 550 resources or less if they send in daggers to clear it instead of Kin Lai, which is feasible since Trolls respawn slow. I am aware Gondor and Rohan can attempt something similar with their Mer/Pip and stealth, but those two can't solo a troll as easily as a Feredir can.


I've tried countering this when it's used against me but it's not easy to know which Troll Lair they would clear (usually 2 inns on the 1v1 maps)  and you have to fight over the treasure when you do get it right. Perhaps a Feredir cost increase or removing his ability to capture inns with his stealth like he is currently doing would be a nice nerf, so the player would be forced to kill the troll first with Feredir then capture.

Olog Hai available without Morgul Sorcery and Trample on MoS

14 June 2022 - 05:13 PM

Hello, I had a 2v2 game on Halifiren, 2 mordor vs Gondor and Lorien. I was able to recruit Olog Hai through my lvl3 troll pit even though I did not have Morgul Sorcery. Also on several occasion Mouth of Sauron would not trample archer clumps, he would charge in an archer clump and get killed without inflicting any dmg which was really tilting. I presume the MoS issue might be the engine being retarded but I still thought I should report it. Unless buying Molok unlocks Olog Hai, I don't understand why I could make them. Attaching the replay below, thanks.



Dol Guldur's tools to kill the Witch King.

02 May 2022 - 05:43 PM

Hello, just had a game vs Mordor where I managed to destroy all his buildings but couldn't end the game because he rushed WK. Even though I believed I was harassing him enough early on, obviously I wasn't. After I watched the replay, I saw that I could have done more. I admit it was a huge mistake on my part and may dismiss the post entirely, even though I personally believe getting WK shouldn't mean you automatically win the game vs Dol Guldur. Once WK mounts he is relatively easy to kill, especially by good archers, the problem is that Dol Guldur has only two ranged units in their roster and the basic archers are not strong enough to take him down even with upgraded arrows and 3/4 battalions targeting him. Watching the replay I realise I could have started making spear throwers much earlier to try and kill WK (even though I have never seen their damage vs his mount, maybe it's also bad?) From re-watching the game I realised I could have probably won if I just used mainly tomb guard+spear throwers and ent wives at an earlier point and spent too much time using undead. At one point he was mostly defending his base vs my armies with spells and heroes only (mainly the very effective WK)


Still though DG has trouble dealing with him also because they have no ranged heroes with damage abilities like Bard/Legolas/Orophin etc. I'm posting the replay and adding it here too just in case, awaitng your feedback, thanks.