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In Topic: RA3 on original CD; Can't log on

01 May 2022 - 04:06 AM

Yet another several weeks have gone by without getting a single word of advice or guidance on how to resolve this issue.
Though I can sympathize and really understand online support having lives, it has now been over a month since getting any feedback.
So if I understand correctly, this forum is NOT the venue to request help with a C&C Online issue?
And I should attempt to reach tech support rather by Discord, correct?

Sorry.  I really don't mean to be brash, but it is getting a bit ridiculous.  I have clearly been either brushed aside or forgotten.

In Topic: RA3 on original CD; Can't log on

14 April 2022 - 02:58 AM

A week has passed and no response.
In fact, I haven't had any follow-up on this problem since March 16th.
Can I expected any further assistance?  Shall I start a new thread?  Or has every avenue been exausted?

In Topic: RA3 on original CD; Can't log on

02 April 2022 - 08:52 PM

OK, so here is what I've surmised...

Both games are on our home network, so I attempted to connect them via LAN network (they are actually connected to the same LAN network, but via a router).  RESULT:  We can't even see each other to connect to a game.

I also tried connecting each of us individually to a random online game.  RESULT:  EUREKA!  It works!  In BOTH cases!  But we still can't connect to EACH OTHER!  (Frustrating as hell!!!)

So I then tried disconnecting one of the computers from the ethernet and connecting via WiFi to see if that didn't change anything, and nope.  Same result.

So I'm thinking maybe the problem is in either computer hosting (I tried hosting on both computers).  OR maybe the game won't connect two different games on the same IP address?

Your continued help would be greatly appreciated.

P.S.  Attempted to do the port thing, except when I enter a port and save, when I go back in, the port is no longer there.

In Topic: RA3 on original CD; Can't log on

31 March 2022 - 03:33 AM

Changed the IP address : NO GO
Ticked Send Delay : NO GO


Turned off ever single Firewall I could think of (Windows, Defender, router) AND deactivated Avast, and still NO GO.


I can attempt to do the port thing, but I'm going to need a liitle guidance.  I can access my router settings and probably get to the menu where I have to enter those port settings, but which ones do I enter?

In Topic: RA3 on original CD; Can't log on

15 March 2022 - 04:26 AM

No VPN.  No Firewall I know of, though I am running Avast, but not security, just anti-virus and malware.

Online IP is set to No IP Address.  Should it be changed?  There is an IP address in there that begins with 192.


Am now getting the message:
Failed to connect to servers.  Please check to make sure you have an active connection to the internet.