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30 December 2008 - 11:09 AM

comments from the 3 ppl who dl'd ?

In Topic: weapon and side view name generator

09 December 2008 - 12:21 PM

xxxxxxxxxx's double ax (Attack level:27)
xxxxxxxxxxxx's shield (Defense level:10)
xxxxxxxxxxxxx's ring (Magic level:28)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx's sword (Attack level:34)
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx's necklace (Magic level:39)


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24 November 2008 - 10:00 AM


you know i completely forgot about them lmao

i suppose they are rather alike

actually Worm, im studying product and transport design at university

and ive learnt how to take criticism, but something else ive learnt it that when taking criticism, its good to try deffend your designs to gain the maximum criticism back, and see if people will sway to reason, or develop new ideas


sorry if you personally took hat as rude, but that was not an intended meaning
i was simply trying to convey the idea, that yes i do know a fair bit about modding, and how important balancing things up are
and to the extent that i have learnt such ideologies from some of the best ra2/YR modders we have seen

ok language interpretation is a common fault to everyone
as you asked for some descriptions, i just grabbed that from my personal file, so it was worded for my understanding and originally just for my sights, i apologize about that

yes the hind havoc idea was, extending your point, i was adding further understanding for clarity and used another appropriate example with the harriers

as i said ive still got alot of testing and actually building to go through, and alot of things change when u start hitting developmental stage and prototyping, so i mean, i was considering making my aegis tank have like a 24 missile burst, so 12 shots from 2 gun ports, and have like a whole minute reload

so brutal to a bunch of kirovs, but better hope teres only 1 wave.

weapon designs are always difficult because of effectiveness, i mean chances are ill be making a new War Head code for every weapon thats normal and veteran

ok just to clear up, i dont have anything to prove, im doing this for some fun and own personal enjoyment
i stopped modding ra2 years ago, but occasionally messed around with little things

i mean im so far out of whack with things its crazy
like i had to think what Soylent was the other day, stupid me

but yer, ive got a few people to talk too, and things to consider

i havent even been down the structure / SW path yet, so
hopefully be majoritabbly done by the time i go back to uni

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24 November 2008 - 02:59 AM

also something to note, with my prism trooper would be that he is slow, and has a slow rate of fire
so yes he gets a good shot off, but to have any real effect you would have to use all 20 of them

i have designed alot of units in tandem

eg. re moddelling the harrier so its more effective to one role, and include an alternative to suit a better role

normally when i play, i select units to complete one role, not every unit to do everything at once

Aegis tank is sorta still to be worked out, also did you ever see the aegis cruiser's original rules that have been commented out of rulesmd
that may be something i go for with this, so slow reload, great if they spam some planes over or something, but as soon as the second wave comes, yer you screwed

the Hind Havoc deal is based some what on tactical roles

the hind plays more of an attack role, carries 3 units, maybe engies or flack or tesla maybe
runs in, picks off the odd base deffence and lets out engines
or have a load of them, bust in and slaughter the base,
have the ability to mawl off th GGI hanging around

and the Havoc, this is a recon / defence role to quickly run out, pick off your enemies miners and use it as a defensive unit when you being attacked

lol not to be rude

but ive been here since June '03 when cncguild moved its forums to revora, and id been on cnc guild forums for 2 years
ive had lots of time to sit and play this game over the years lol, ive played some of the bets mods around and talk to alot of ppl
im pretty good friends with rawlo and pad, so i get the good know how on ra2/yr modding
ive learnt from some of the best and even had some of the best use my coding/vxling/mapping and to an extent shps

so i do kinda know how to balance things up
obviously this is to be done after ive actually got the base script all working and made all the vxl's and shp's, clearly this is pretty much a solo effort here lol

so ill keep you updated and if you have some criticism i would be glad to sit and listen because i do take things on board. to be honest the build limmits are just a balancing coy at the moment, its to be balanced out later in hope of limitting this

In Topic: Final Assault

23 November 2008 - 03:20 PM

ok well

these are some "plans" i suppose thats all i can show for the moment, as this is an announcement not show off thread

***Allied Nations***

GI - Normal
Engineer - Normal
Spy - Normal
Seal - Normal
Attack Dog - Normal
Tanya - Normal
Guardian GI - Deploy Defence +25% armour
- speed -1
Rocketeer - Normal
Chrono Legionaire - Normal

IFV - Normal Allied
Chrono Harvester - Normal Allied
Grizzly - Normal
Prism Tank - Normal
MCV - Normal Allied
Mirage Tank - Normal Allied

Harrier - ~30% more effective against and Vehicles, Inf.
- Less effective against structures

Dolphin - Normal
Destroyer - 20% Damage Increase on 155mm
Aegis Cruiser - Normal
Amphibious Transport - Normal
Aircraft Carrier - Normal

Enforcer - $500
Type = Infantry
Primary = Guardian GI Rocket (Dont have to deploy)
Secondary = None
Armour = Normal as GI
Speed = Normal as GI
Deploy = No
- Will not Target Infantry

Prism Trooper - $1600
Type = Jumpjet Infantry
Primary = Short Stage Prism Rifle
- Range = 4
- ROF 60% of Prism Tower
- Allround Damaging (Good VS all)
- Damage = 40% of Prism Tower
Armour = Gaurdian GI
Speed = Rocketeer movement
Landable = Yes, has to land to use weapon
Build Limmit = 20

Medic - $400
Type = Infantry
Speed = GI
Armour = GI
Primary = Healing

APC - $700
Type = Vehicle
Primary = Deployed GI
Seconday = None
Speed = Grizzly
Armour = Weaker than Grizzly
Holds = 6 Infantry

Howitzer - $1300
Type = Vehicle
Primary = Long Range Artillery Cannon
Secondary =None
Armour = Same as Grizzly
Speed = Same as V3

CarryALL - $1400
Type = Helicopter
Primary = Blackhawk gun
Secondary = none
CarryAll = Yes
Armour = Weak
Speed = Slow
Carry = 1 vehicle (3 Slot)
= 3 infantry units
Build Limmit = 3

Laser Drone - $800
Type = Robotic Vehicle
Primary = Primary = Short Stage Prism Rifle
- Range = 5 or 6
- Rebounds 1 or 2
- ROF 60% of Prism Tower (slower)
- Allround Damaging (Good VS all)
- Damage = 40% of Prism Tower
Secondary = None
Armour = Normal Robot Tank
Speed = Normal Robot Tank
Movement = Hover

Aegis Tank - $1750
Type = Vehicle
Secondary = Aegis Boat Weapon
Armour = Grizzly Tank
Speed = Prism Tank
Build Limmit = 5

Vector - $1500
Type = Aero
Primary = Similar to Kirov Bomb
Ammo = 2
Secondary = none
Armour 50% of Harrier
Speed 150% of Harrier

LongBow - $1500
Type = Attack Helicopter
Primary = Air to Ground Rockets (strong vs buildings and tanks)
Armour = nighthawk
Speed = nighthawk
Sight = 12
Sensors = Yes
Detechs Stealth and Disguise (sub / spy Hunting)
Reload From Helipad

Little Bird - $900
Type = Attack Helicopter
Primary = Air to Ground Rockets (Low Damage)
Secondary = Mini Guns (Good vs Infantry)
Armour = 60% of nighthawk
Speed = 150% of nighthawk

Gunboat - $600
Type = Naval
Speed = Grizzly
Armour = Grizzly
Primary = Grizzly

Sword Fish - $2000
Type = Naval
Primary - Long Range Large Bore Turret
2 shell burst
50% Grand cannon damage per shell
Secondary = None
Armour = Normal destroyer
Speed = 65% of Destroyer

Chrono Platform - $2000
Type = Gun Platform
Primary = Rockket Barage
Armour = Grizzly
Movement = Chrono

Mobile Gap Generator - $1500
Type = Vehcile
Primary = none
Armour = Grizzly
Speed = Grizzly
Deploys into mini gap generator
Also Base Node

***** Soviet *****

Apoc - Modified
weapon system change
- Missiles fire at inf. and air
- Very effective at infantry (insta kill except on heavy's)
- Same vs air
- Missile Speed Increased

V3 - Modified
Damage = 15% more effective

Terrorists - modified
Have Spy's Costume Weapon

Demo Truck - Modified
More damaging to units
Radiation stay
little less damaging to structures
same vs. defence structures (simple WH coding)

*****New Units*****

Flamer thrower = $600
Type = Infatry
Primary = Flame Thrower
- good is infantry - short range
armour = GI

Grenadier = $600
Type = Infatry
Primary = Grenades
- good vs vehicles - short range
Armour = GI

Missile Sub -$2000
Type = Naval
Primary = Ground - All Missiles - V3 range
- 65-75% of Drednaught Damage
Armour = 50% of Sub
Speed = 50% of Sub

MAD Tank - $1500
Type = Vehicle
Armour - Apoc
Speed - Apoc
Primary - Shockwave Bomb (very good vs buildings, very bad vs units)
- Deploys into bomb
- Self Destructs
- 6 cell spread
- good damage

Halo = $1500
Type = Transport Helicopter
Speed = 75% of Blackhawk
Carrys = 20
Size Limmit = 2
Primary = None
Amour = Hind

Havoc - $1100
Type = Strike Helicopter
Armour = 90% of Harrier
Speed = Normal Hind
Primary - Missiles - Fires at vehicles and buildings
- Effective vs. Vehicles
- Not very effective vs. Buildings
Ammo = 4
Reload From Pad

Hind - $1500
Type = Recon Helicopter
Primary - HellFire Missiles - Fires at vehicles and buildings
- High Burst Number
- Very Effective vs. Buildings
- Not very effective vs. Vehicles
Secondary - Guns Fires at Infantry
- Deployed GI damage
Speed - Normal Hind
Carry = 3 people
max size = 1

Black Tank = $1400
Type = Vehicle
Speed = Grizzly
Armour = Grizzly
Primary = Black Cloud
- Flak Track Turret in 4 shot burst
- AA only
Buildlimmit = 5

Mantis = $650
Type = Vehicle
Speed = Light Tank
Armour = Light Tank
Primary = Vulcan Base Deffense Gun

Stingray - $1300
Type = Naval
Primary = Tesla Tank Gun
- Bit Longer Range
Speed = Destroyer
Armour = Destroyer

Mechanic - $750
Type = Infantry
Armour = Tesla Trooper
Speed = Flak Trooper
Primary = Repair Tanks

Nuclear Corruption Tank - $1300
Armour = Rhino
Speed = Rhino
Primary = Radiator Cannon
- Rhino Damage
- 50% ROF of Rhino
- 3-5 Cell Spread Radiaton

and thats about all ive done

in the middle of drawing up some unit visual designs and plannign things

so... that might tide your interest for a while