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Jungle Bungle (2-4)

22 December 2008 - 01:26 PM

Heres an other little map ive turned out

seeing that no one downloaded my other map, i doubt any one will touch this

but however
a 2-4 Player Temperate themed Map
Ore = Average
Tech Structure = Derrick, Machine, Air, Special Tech in remote or unique areas
Lighting changes - Dusk/Dawn look

INI editing:
Naval Yards Restricted
Amphibious transport can be bourght through War Factory for all factions
GAPOWR has slight power increase for balancing and base space limitations

Posted Image

Screen Shots

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

If you want to see more
have a DL and play for yourself
some nice detailing and good gameplay

i think with a good AI improvement, this could be a very fun map

Final Assault

19 November 2008 - 02:09 PM

Well hey guys

i have 4 months of nothing ahead of me,

seeing ive been messing around with YR lately

ive decided to finish and release something
i ended up finishing my old MOD, but never released it
HDD died and i lost it


im planning to complete an old plan i had
Its a simple Generic Mod
basically, ive been enthused to get this going after playing RA3
and the intro movie

i mean, i wanted to know how, we got to the point of allies on the doors of the Kremlin and where Romanov went
not just out the back door lol

yes know, its nothing off this planet, but often simple is better
cleaner, tidier, balanced

I have drawn off some ideas and units from RA and Expansions, which always seemed logical, fun and followed some interesting strategies
i have also put in the common units, that people often use in mods
As well as putting my own ideas in

so... without further a due

"The Final Assault

As a cold winter sets in, both world powers are preparing for their last bid for global control. From the West, the Allied Nations and From the East, the Soviet Republic.

Yuri Has returned faith to the communist means, after realising his hopes of creating a world of minions could not be controlled by himself

The Allied Nations are on the move into Soviet Territory with their last forces, with many generals leading the fight. This has been done in hope, that they can defeat Romanov before his forces return from the soviet turnover of Korea.

Both sides have rushed particular technologies into new and unqiue functions in a last minute hope to gain the upper hand in a fight.

The allied forces have been forced to band together in order to make an adequate attacking force, while the soviets have decided to merge together as a true example of communism.

The final assault is upon us. All Generals must be ready for war."

Basic Unit List:


Attack Dog
Guardian GI
Chrono Legionnaire
Prism Trooper (Hover Infantry, Must Land)

Chrono Harvester
Grizzly Tank
Prism Tank
Mirage Tank
Battle Fortress
Robot Tank
Howitzer (Artillery)
Laser Drone (Much like Robot Tank, but stronger)
Aegis Tank (Lethal AA)
Chrono Platform (Gun Platform)
Mobile Gap Generator (Deploy able we all know this)
Tank Destroyer

Harrier (Remodeled to be Anti Unit)
Vector Bomber (Anti Structure)

Night Hawk
CarryAll (Sky Crane)
LongBow (WAH-64 Apache Longbow)
Sparrow (MH-6 Little Bird)

Aegis Cruiser
Amphibious Transport
Aircraft Carrier
GunBoat (Fast Anti Naval)
Sword Fish (Naval Artillery)


Flak Trooper
Tesla Trooper
Attack Dog
Crazy Ivan
Boris (Mig Strike)
Yuri Prime
Terrorist (Has Spy Makeup)
Flamer thrower

Rhino Tank
Terror Drone
Flak Track
V3 Rocket Launcher
War Miner
Tesla Tank
Demo Truck (affects all, but far weaker)
MAD Tank (Anti Structure Cant Hurt Units)
Black Tank (AA)
Mantis (Fast Anti Infantry)
Nuclear Corruption Tank (Nuclear Shells)
Master Mind (like Yuri)
Chaos Drone (like Yuri)

Halo (Transport Helicopter)
Havoc (Anti Tank Helicopter)
Hind (Anti Structure and Infantry Helicopter)

Typhoon Attack Sub
Amphibious Transport
Giant Squid
Missile Sub
Stingray (Fast Anti Naval)

And well, there will be some fun defence structures and maybe a super weapon or two

well, what you think ?
something everyone can enjoy ?

Comp Stomp 2v2 / 2v4

18 November 2008 - 09:32 AM

hey guys

i made this YR map for me and my mate to play some co-op comp stomping

just temperate map with some bridges and water

not much in way of scripting yet, dont know what i should do lol

but theres

lots of ore, but you may need to move to go get it
have a go, say what you think, my first map in years

Posted Image


if you want, go for the out of 100 score :p

see how i could have fit in

i got bored

09 November 2008 - 03:02 PM

hey revora ppl

yer i got bored after playing EA's RA3 and started messing with ra2 again
much better


Posted Image

basically cnc3 stealth tank mock

in allied scheme

first time vxl'ing in ... well i dont know lol