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#1013894 A big files question

Posted by Turin Turumbar on 11 September 2015 - 06:02 PM

The big files have kind of a size limit. We encountered errors as soon as the big files were bigger than ~1,5 GB. I know that for example some textures did not show up any more as soon as the file got to big. The problem was solved as soon as we splitted the big file.

Edain is using BFME 2 asset.dat, because there is no asset builder which also adds the specific header the RotWK asset has, which connects it to the original BFME 2 one.


Posted by Turin Turumbar on 31 March 2015 - 12:58 PM

Why does it show models from Revora. Seems like a whole lot of effort just for April Fools


Sign. Domain is not registred by Warner Bros, all renders are familiar with ones from mods here.

#974811 SEE Thorin's Company

Posted by Turin Turumbar on 23 August 2014 - 02:00 PM


Then there's also the matter of working with Edain... They have been known to steal assets from other mods (such as TDH and a R:TW LotR mod), and they've largely ignored claims made by representatives from these teams. I was abused by both their fans and staff when I pointed out a Dwarven structure of theirs was ripped from TDH. I think they've changed that one now, though, after assuring me they only did so to 'make me happy' because I wasn't backing off.


So yeah, be careful. They're arrogant dillholes. 


Wow. Harsh words. I think it is okay that you do not like our models. It is your taste, we think they are fine. But that does not justify such harsh words against our team, especially a "division leader" should know better.

I honestly do not know about the model from TDH you mentioned, but I know our structure modeller and he is not the guy who steals other peoples work. It could be that our model was inspired by yours, but wouldnt that be a reason to be proud? And there is not one model from any R:TW mod in our game. TW game models would not fit into the scheme of BFME models, they are more realistic, while BFME one always have this comic touch. You could clearly spot TW models in the game, but there are none.

I know that you wont give a fuck about this post, but I, a arrogant dillhole, just wanted to say my opinion in this topic.


Keep it up Naz! Cooperation between mods can work fine, even though some people here do not want to see it work.