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    Web Design and Development (Php, Css, Xhtml, Xml, Xsl, Graphics, MySQL, Apache Http Server, Networking, Security, Engineering), Tennis, Swimming, Hiking, and last but greatest, my fiance (the one who saved me in every way someone could be saved). Oh, and Battle for Middle Earth. Since I could insert another, oh, 89,500 characters or so, I'll put the stuff I used to be interested in. I used to watch Ninja turtles until I was like 9. And I used to watch Power Rangers until I was 12. I like movies based in medieval times when there weren't cars. Wars then were better; once you've seen so many movie explosions, well, you've seen everything as far as explosions go. I did like Star Trek until it was made all gay like at the end of Enterprise when the last words for the series were &quot;Computer, End Program&quot; I mean what total bull****.<br /><br />Pet peeves? Well, I've found that I have a few...<br /><br />...hundred...<br /><br />My main pet peeve is fundamentalists - the gnostics and super-gnostics. They are the opposite of agnostics. Agnostic pretty much means that you admit that you don't know everything, whereas gnostic means that you can't admit that you don't know everything and fall into delusion. The greater the delusion, the greater your attachment to things such as religion, or to some other lie.<br /><br />Many fundamentalists will always use religion and God as excuses for doing and saying stupid things. They will use these things as a reason to go to war. Are the atheists the &quot;devil worshipers&quot; the fundies say we are, or is their misrepresented and probably non-existent God the real demon? You answer that question, keeping in mind that death by religion is one of the most common ways a person will die. Religion breeds racism, intolerance, sexism, and many other types of bias, as well as lying, engaging in disinformation, falling into delusion, detachment from others, xenophobia, and many other mental illnesses that psychologists sometime only attribute to genetics. Truth is, mental illness (other than birth defects, injury, etc) is not a select condition for a few, but a condition of humanity. The only difference is how it manifests itself, and usually, it only manifests itself if we want it to.<br /><br />And I have mentioned delusion - in this case I am talking delusion by, through, or with regards to religion. It is a selfish mentality, when one has to avoid swearing and sex before marriage just so THEY can go to heaven and to hell with everyone else. Delusion holds people back, because it produces false promises, which is worse than just dealing with our problems no matter how bad they are! It's called LIFE!<br /><br />Delusion, fundamentalism, racism, religion, ethnocentrism, sexism, and biases of all types have and continue to hold back humanity and have suffocated this world's civilized attempts to negotiate peace and unify this world so that the phrase &quot;national pride&quot; would have no meaning anymore, and we could work towards better things in the future.<br /><br />Morality is the next in a line of words the Bible and other religious text were made for. These texts were made in a violent world, where disinformation for the means to go to war was considered an honorable thing - just so some young man could go to war and prove himself, by getting himself killed. It is why so many jump at the sound of going to war. Is living so bad that one would wish to suffer and die in war?<br /><br />Morality is subjective, not objective. It's similar to time. Time is never absolute. Instead, it is relative. Time is an artificial construct in the way that we measure it, and morality is an artificial construct we use to measure what is right and what is wrong. There is no objective morality that comes from a God, Gods, ghosts, leprechauns, elves, pixies, or wizards. Religion is nothing more than a human-made bullshit story, attempting to simulate what is real. The fundamentalists live their lives in this 'simulation' while stuck in prayer in much the same way World of Warcraft addicts live much of their lives in a raid-level-up mindset and don't do anything besides that. For life is real - life is life. It is not a video game. It is not a simulation. We aren't living in a matrix as far as we know, and life is not all about remaining in a comatose state of being known as prayer. When anyone prays for something, they're just talking to themselves.<br /><br />Accept it, accept it, accept it. Do not allow this idea of &quot;I win against you just because I'm me&quot; attitude get in the way of logic. I was once religious myself. My life was in shambles because I slipped away from empirical logic and fell into dogmatic logic. It did not go well for me and it goes well for no one who knows this condition. I don't know the exact moment I became an atheist. It was so long ago...<br /><br />Lastly, freedom. Freedom is a real subjective thing too. The most objective you can get with freedom is to simply give everyone freedom and go from there. My definition of freedom is that everyone has freedom...that is until you do something to actively take freedom away from another. And the only kind of justice is to take freedom away from those who intentionally took freedom away from the innocent. The United States government tried to enforce this at one point, but corporate, religious, special interest, and national interests got in the way. Democracy began to drown in the flood of capitalism, and so the legal system was only just another corporation, concerned with profit margins. And now, no matter who you are in the US, you may be arrested for any reason, secretly disallowed from having a fair trial, or whatever the consequence may be.<br /><br />The United States, separated from its allies by geographic boundaries, lost its potential, much as most of the world already has. There are good people around. In fact, everyone has some good in them - the ability to change the poor circumstances life has dealt them. But then there's free will, the one thing valued by both theists and atheists. Well, fundamentalist theists say they value free will often, but never seem to give any real indication that they do. How could someone be against abortion and at the same time support the death penalty and being trigger-happy when it comes to going to war? Well, religion is a twisted thing...

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