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Replying to DoW1 Model/OE Template

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Posted 12 June 2013 - 02:29 AM

Some quick things to do when adding a new 3D model into DoW1..


1) Add the following four speech paths into the OE of the model associated with those actions:






If possible ask the mod team what faction name and unit name to use so it is kept consistent and clean.


Note: the above lines for combat, charge, and damage are mainly for biped units like soldiers and dreadnoughts. Generally those three do not apply to vehicles but 'die' should as most vehicles will use custom death voices as an option BUT we can still give standard explosions if needed so we have more flexibility.


2) Add these animations even if the model may never support them (they may be needed down the road if the mod game design changes):

Capture Strat Point (model takes flag pole and puts it on point, kneels during point capturing, then gets back up once done)

Jump_Teleport (kneel first, teleport happens, get up after)

Ability_Target_Enemy (unit either looks like it throws something or points staff/sword towards enemy as if conjuring something to hurl at them)

Ability_Rally (raise sword/staff to sky as if yelling a battlecry)

Thrown (caused when massive explosion hits unit where AE calls for unit to be thrown in the air due to detonation)

Get_Up (model gets up after recovering from explosion)


3) If possible, always include any WTP (army painter) so the model is fully team-colourable. This is absolutely critical for the future as it allows more customization of your model for years to come!


4) Ensure customizable decals are applied to appropriate parts of the model (ie. SM pauldrons).


5) Include all relevant FX and event files and ensure their paths are unique if they are custom variants of vanilla sources. If they use standard vanilla FX/events then no issue but if custom versions then to avoid bleeding use a different path.


6a) Always check in the DoW1 logfiles folder under artmessages.txt for specific model errors caused when the model goes in-game. (ie. watch for and correct any skinbatching errors which cause huge amount of console errors like the vanilla DE Dias of Destruction).


6b) Like above, check the model for any bad sound paths in the DoW1 logfiles folder under soundmessages.txt when the model is in-game and fix those in the OE.


7) Ensure the marker "marker_icon" is set in your model before going in-game otherwise your imported model will not have proper cover and cover negative events animated fx icons on parts of the map. Other markers should also be added (ie. "marker_chest_front", "marker_foot_r", "marker_foot_l") to the model and tested in-game for warnings in your artmessages.txt.

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