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Important Advice to Generals and Zero Hour Ladder Players

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Posted 07 December 2014 - 11:54 AM


Generals and Zero Hour Fair Play Practices on Gamereplays require evidence of intention before a player can be convicted of a Fair Play offence (of a kind that will result in a conviction here and a conviction on and suspension from Gamereplays). That extends to disconnect and mismatch (aka Desync.) allegations.

However, an accidental disconnect or mismatch (or one where there is no evidence of intention) in a ladder game will deprive one of the teams of their ladder points (and avoid a loss for the other) if the outcome of the match was certain. Where that happens, we expect, out of good sportsmanship, the player (or team) in a losing position to make good the loss by giving their opponents a free win. If they do not do that and an aggrieved player reports the incident, we will make the adjustment ourselves. If we have to do that, we are likely to estimate the number of points at stake very generously in favour of the aggrieved player and probably surcharge the defaulting player or team by deducting further ladder points from them. It will be very much in the interests of the losing player or team in a game that disconnects or mismatches to offer a free win to avoid that.

If a player repeatedly disconnects or mismatches while in a losing position without offering a free win, we may treat that as evidence of intention and proceed accordingly. That is another good reason why players that disconnect or mismatch while losing should offer their opponents a free win.

Quitting at the start of a game
There is currently no rule against or Fair Play offence of quitting immediately after a game starts, although it is frowned upon and considered bad sportsmanship. However, quitting soon after a game has started may prevent proper ladder win / loss reporting. In future, we will make a points adjustment if we find that a player has done that when faced with an unfavourable match up and that the game has not been reported for ladder statistics. In future, if a player makes a habit of doing that, we may impose heavier penalties or even treat the conduct as intentional cheating and confirm the report in that way, with all of the adverse consequences that can bring.

Have fun Generals but play fair.

Gamereplays.org staff - Shatabrick admin.

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