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Open source engine

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#1 cualquiercosa327

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Posted 01 June 2022 - 10:59 AM


Excuse me, I believe I have explained bad. Later I will explain everything detailed. 


First I want give thanks for the wonderful work you have been doing with this wonderful games.

I wanna propose why don't recreate the engine (being able to load all assets and mods).
I know it is no a easy/fast task but we could talk with other proyects (as example GemRB


, as it is one of the most developed and it is wonderful for isometric games) and add the extra stuff than commandos engine had.


They are toons of game engine recreations of rts and crpg but sadly they did no share an standar as Scuumvm does which would make faster for

supporting new games and features.


.... This part is for the extra features C2 added (Sadly the network part was no added.) as it is easier working with c# code than asm. 

Fortunately for the huge part we can use the source code of the HD remaster as it uses Unity which can be easily decompilated on c# (I have been working on the decompilation of Disco Elysium recently.)

Maybe some people after reading this think "why don't use unity engine directly? as most of the work is done?
Sadly Unity is a wonderful engine for create prototype but creating a full optimized gane with it is a pain in the ass.


This is the reason why most of games which run on Unity have issues, the most when they are ported to console machines.

The rest of features (multiplayer  ,more sophisticated orders system and sharper AI of Desesperados ,other game supports.. ) can be recreated using the original code ,altough it needs the use of tools as IDA PRO /Gidhra.


NOTE : I have still no played Desesperados III , i belive it is also done on Unity. If they have the wonderfull order system and IA ,this part of code could be seen on C#  which would make it easier/faster.



They are several proyects for desesperados/comandos  game:







The goal is not only a robust engine for playing this (and other games),also is create a framework for playing them as we want and could add new features and test (an example could be using more complex IA algorithm to test machine learning).I put as example Scummvm as it was designed in a way they can add more games without broken anything. 

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#2 Jeroen

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Posted 02 June 2022 - 06:47 AM

I waste a lot of my (free) time programming a Commandos game. After years I only have a prototype but it teaches me about programming. It does to this day.


If your solution really is quick and easy and what-not I suggest you start working on a prototype as well. Show us what went well and what went wrong. Can that engine load png images or does it still fuck around with bitmap masks? Things like that. Good luck!

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