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Favourite missions?

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#1 Samz

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Posted 14 September 2022 - 09:45 PM

There was a thread for this, but it was back in 2015 so I wasn't sure if people would like me necroing it.


Behind Enemy Lines: Discret Explosion I guess, it's a fun little level. (I honestly barely remember most of the second half of Behind Enemy Lines, it's not bad but I think the limited mechanics of BEL means they all sorta blend together for me.)


Behind the Call of Duty: The Asphalt Jungle, the Zoo setting with hostile animals is pretty cool and unique.


Commandos 2: Saving Private Smith, I like the location of an town mid-battle, the Thief-only start is cool and requires more evading enemies than tying them up and the finale if you got the bonus books with the Invasion is a nice bonus.


Commandos 3: Protect O'Donnel, a nice change of pace with a defensive mission against the hordes of German Soldiers as you protect O'Donnel, you get to use the Assault Rifle and the Stalingrad setting is cool.


Commandos Strike Force: Cold Reception, one of the few levels where you use all 3 Commandos, (even if not together) it's the only level with the Shotgun and the only mission where you have the option of stealth with multiple Commandos with the Spy and Sniper in the second half of the mission. 

#2 Felo

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Posted 15 September 2022 - 10:33 AM

I only play C2 so I will just docus on that:


Night of the Wolves - I love the thief only start just like you in Saving Private Smith. I love night missions, they are the most climatic for me, I like sneaking into enemy bases/camps.Overall this is my favourite mission.


The giant of Haiphong - Unique mission, I like the Destination Paris night version.


Burma - love the music, love the setting.



Least favourite:


Paris probably - almost 0 buildings and too much open space.

#3 extrano1955


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Posted 17 September 2022 - 09:24 AM

I guess we only count original games, choose DP mission is hard, I have a big list and I don't want looks selfish choosing my own mission.


BEL 13, is my favourite one in C2 BEl, but c1 have the mini submarine, very cool thing.

BCD 5: The first bcd where you listen new music, green beret alone behind walls, a mission related with hitler's attempt to assassination. Very hard to abvoid the general escape and we have a tank.

C2: White death: Awesome cinematic, deep music, start with only 1 man with only knife, epic mission.

C3 Get to the engine: We have the start and ending briefing like a holliwood film. Commandos jumping a moving train, enemies attacking while we clear bagons, all perfect.

Strike force: I don´t have clearly choose, maybe an eye for an eye. I remember replaying looking for perfect rank, trying to find all hidden enemies in the distance.

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#4 Jeroen

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Posted 22 September 2022 - 10:52 PM

BEL: AQBU (2). Get all of your men across the river before the patrol boat's first pass. It can be done. The other nineteen missions are merely excellent.

BCD: Thor's Hammer (4). It took me a very long time to find the quickest way about it.

C2: The mission where you make changes to parglobal.dat, converting C2 to a Commandos game. After that the missions with Buddha in them.

C3: In the rain, find and kill the officer is the most atmospheric.

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