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[GEN - ZH] AOD Map Making

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Posted 24 October 2005 - 07:19 PM

First of all, have some expirience in mapping, scripting and know what is where on WB, cause im too lazy to explain everything.

Before you make a AOD map, understand that its boring, and it will take very long.
You can try to do this, but if your unexpierienced, then take a Mapping Tutorial First.


Step One:

The lay out.

Horizontal Size: 200
Vertical Size: 300
Height: 16
Border: 10

Step One-B:

Select the Height Tool from the Tool List (You know the tool that immediatly raises the height)

And set it to 50

Make two higher lieing areas. this are the places for the bases, make sure you only make 4/10 of the map base area. And leave a little road open for the Teams that have to pass trough

A good map lay out

L = Low
H = High
1P = The AI place


Ok so thats set.

Now the action starts ok!

place some way points north of the map, then draw a route that the Vehicles should follow,to the south of the map


Make another also north, but at the other side, and let it also reach the south of the map.


make another Waypoint, from the North-Middle to the South


Give the Waypoint-Paths a label (so do not call every waypoint a name, but give it a LABEL!)

like this GroundPathOne

The Final Step

Create a Area at the south of the map, where the waypaths end
call the area, lose area


open player list editor, and choose Add Skirmish Players

Open the Teams window, add 3 teams, to the Side GLA (or a other)

Make it this


open the Team editor for those

And add some units

Like this

Max 40 Min 40 - GLAInfantryWorker

do some units for other teams also


Open Script editor

Add some opening scripts, with explanation and your copyrights on the map

The give the player some time to build

then make a script called Wave1


Only Active when timer Wave1 is 0

Then Do:

Spawn a Instance of Wave1A at Waypoint1
Let team Wave1A follow GroundPath1

Do the same for the other teams, but at other waypoints and paths

And then...

Add a Folder called Lose Conditions

Add the following script


when a instance of Wave1A entered are LoseArea

Then do:

Declare Defeat, and end game


Do this for the other teams also

Now you set up one Wave

To add a other wave, repeat from Final Step, only then with team Wave2X (X is the Letter like A B C D, or X tongue.gif)

If the tutorial was not really clear to you, dont worry, ill make it more easier to understand later.
"Drawing in MS Paint is like doing surgery with a chainsaw, it's not going to look pretty."

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