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Some thoughts

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Posted 15 March 2006 - 05:38 PM

Heh yeah you did, we talked about it ^_^ Very good, guess you too can bind now :wub: I am running behind.

No fuel left for the pilgrims

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Posted 16 March 2006 - 03:38 PM

Ideas! Ideas! I have some ideas! :

Glorfindel 5000:

1 lvl: Mount/Dismount

2 lvl: Blade of Vengeance- Gives 200% attack and 200% defence and small AoE attack for 1 minute.

4 lvl: Reavealed in Wrath-white light frightens nearby enemies(they dont run they just dont attack like in cloudbreak)...works on heroes including nazguls and on 5 lvl units

6 lvl: Windrider- gives 100% speed and 100% defence

10 lvl: Sacrifice- white Word of Power killing all(good or foe including Balrogs or AOD and taking 50% life of Galadriel and Sauron) but killing Glorfindel and making him impossible to revive for about 4 minutes.

Elrond 3500:

1 lvl: Athelas

1 lvl: Lord of Rivendell- 100% attack and 50% defence for nearby allies

5 lvl: Hadhafang- 100% attack and 100% defence(passive) or 5 lvl: Elrond's Wisdom- gives 2 lvl of experience to shown units.

7 lvl: The Ring of Air- tornado but other name

10 lvl: Power of Vilya- heals shown units/heroes and restore their abilities(Restoration but other name)

Gamling 1200:

1 lvl: Horse/Foot

1 lvl: Bow/Sword(it can be toggled on horse and foot both)

3 lvl: Rohirrim Veteran- it gives 50% defence for nearby allies

5 lvl: Horn of Rohan- frightens nearby enemies and it gives nearby allies 25% speed and 50% attack

7 lvl: Arrow of Riddermarch- powerful single shot

Elfhelm 1500:

1 lvl: Horse/foot

1 lvl: Marchal of Riddermarch- it gives 50% attack for nearby allies

3 lvl: Shield Bash- powerful single stunning attack. It stuns enemies for 30 seconds.

6 lvl: Loyality-gives 1 lvl of experience to nearby allies

8 lvl: Rohan Stand- gives 200% defence for nearby allies and himself but makes em immobile for 30 seconds.

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