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Gundam Seed Legacy X

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Posted 24 September 2009 - 08:56 AM

*Updated 5/4/2010 still unfinished

(Legacy X) C.E. 72~74

Summary- Atlas De Mask is now 16, a few months have passed since, the second battle of Jachin due, being fatherless again, and he is later taken in by Gilbert Durandal during the aftermath. Atlas is living in Rau’s House still, but is rarely there; now being an on duty Zaft officer. Under the command and guidance of Commander Marxist Karin; Atlas and the rest of the Karin Team was assigned to Armory Three to test out the New ZGMF-X26A/S Demi-Providence this prototype mobile suit was then given to Atlas on behalf of his outstanding piloting skills. A week or so later, agents of Phantom Pain infiltrated and stole the hidden Legacy units and the Prototype Gundam called Legacy X that is armed with an N-Jammer canceller that was never to be rollout. The Karin team was order to recapture or destroy the mobile suits. Unknown to the event that lays in the future Atlas steps forward.



Atlas De Mask- Now 16 of age. This young red elite was given mobile suit training prior before joining Zaft by his former guardian and mentor Rau Le Creuset, his training with Rau also advanced his spatial awareness; this surprises Rau that he had such an ability. Due to this fact of being trained by Le Creuset, Atlas is at times cold to other, but yet cooperative and polite at the same time for that his commander give him a nickname “Rau jr”. and that Atlas wears one of Rau’s Masks as memento of him. He was assign the ZGMF- X26A Demi-Providence armed with the prototype strike dragoons. Atlas was in the same academy class as Rey Za burrel whom he is on good terms with as well as Gilbert Durandal the man who took him in after Rau died in the final battle of the bloody Valentine War and watched over him during the final part of the first war. His physical description light to mid-brown hair with blonde highlights. Elucifer Casvel the man behind the name Atlas De Mask has quite the story behind him; his dad is a Coordinator Earth born well his mother is coordinator and one of the few ambassadors from Mars. When war broke out between plants and earth, his mother headed back to Mars with Elucifer’s twin sister Phoenix. His mom wanted Dalen and Elucifer to come with them, but Dalen felt that he need to be in the fight and reassured her that if anything did happen to him that Elucifer will be in good hands. After the first bloody valentine war he decided to join Zaft and through aside his name and assumes the name Atlas De Mask there are few people who know his real name one of them is Rey Za Burrel and another is Chairman Durandal which has been kept secret for his own request. As far as his piloting skills are concern he’s on par with Rey. Atlas shares Rau’s feeling about humanity as a whole, but would never try to destroy the world due to that though. He would like to change the world for a better tomorrow.

Cassidy Mori- Cassidy is a young and somewhat naive girl that Atlas wonder how she ever made into the reds. She constantly wants to prove to Atlas that she is has as skills to be a red. She also keeps a photo of him hidden in her room. It is assumed that she has a crush on Atlas everyone, but he knows it or so that is claimed. She pilots a custom pink GuAIZ R that is armed with a dragoon pack similar to that of the Dreadnought, but relays on an A.I. to help control them. She also wonders why Atlas even wears a mask.

Vergil Strain- the only Green on the Team he could easily make red, but hate the color he said that “Green looks better on me”. His mobile suit of chose is the GuAIZ R that is slightly more green that the others.

Commander Marxist Karin- Leader Karin Team that is made up of himself, Atlas, Cassidy, Manna and Vergil. When he is not on his Nazca class Destroyer he is out in his personal YFX-600R experiment firearms type. Karin has a deep fear of losing his daughter and pulled some strings to get her assigned to his team.

Manna Karin- She is the daughter of Commander Karin, she join Zaft against her father wishes. She is very charismatic and was easy able to make it into the Red elite. She has developed a sort of interest in Atlas De Mask. She often disobeys her father saying that he can’t see the big picture like she can. Manna also feels as if that she had met Atlas before, back in her childhood. She pilots a new just out of the factory Zaku Warrior. Her physical description is she has pink hair, violet eyes that have a cold frozen dark look to them. (She is base off of Haman Karn)

Earth Forces:
Richter Flint: Little is known about this man besides the fact that he commanders, Ash, Drew, and Sam.
Ash: an extend pilot of the earth forces. Gender: female. Hair color: Red. Mobile Suit pilot of the Pseudo Legacy units 1
Drew: an extend pilot of the earth forces. Gender: female. Hair color: blond. Mobile suit pilot of the Pseudo Legacy units 2
Sam: an extend pilot of the earth forces. Gender: female. Hair color: violet. Mobile suit pilot of the Pseudo Legacy units 3


C.E 72 March, 10. Treaty signed by both side brought back a temporary peace, but there were still Conflicts with in the world, factories were still pumping out mobiles suits and continued to develop new more dangerous weapons in secret.

C.E. 72 November, 11. Atlas Joins Zaft:
Feeling that there’s nothing else better to do with his life that and the fact can’t get in contact with his mother and sister that are safely on Mars. Gilbert Durandal encourages Atlas and Rey to join Zaft; so the two young men did just that. That is when Atlas met Shinn Asuka, and the hawk sisters as well as the three people who he will be working with in the future; Cassidy, Vergil, and Manna. Rey wish Atlas luck on hopes of being on the same team, but to their dismay they were both assigned to different teams; Atlas deciding that was not a bad thing and told Rey to look at it as an opportunity. The two friends then parted ways saying that they will meet again.

C.E. 73 June, 24. The Team:
Now Atlas completed his training at Zaft Academy and made out as a “Red” and was assigned to the Karin Team; his commanding officer was none other than Marxist Karin. The member of the team Cassidy (Red), Vergil (Green), Manna (Red) and two other guys (Greens), Atlas thought to himself three “Reds” and three “Greens”. Atlas Found out that Manna was the commander’s daughter that came to him as a surprise. Each pilot was assigned a mobile suit, Atlas was hand pick by the Chairman himself to be the pilot of the secretly assembled ZGMF-X26S Demi-Providence , Vergil and Cassidy was given a GuAIZ R while Manna got a new top of the line ZUKU warrior; they later customized their units to their taste.

C.E. 73 August, 12. Theft at Armory Three:
Shortly, after being assigned to Armory Three, a group of “Terrorists” (that are really members of Phantom Pain) stole four mobile suit that were thought were never made; Gundams based off of Legacy and Fate series. And one of them was nuclear powered code-named Legacy X. several Teams were destroyed by them, till Karin Team Launched an assault that forced them back. The units unfortunately escaped Armory Three; despite team Karin’s efforts to stop them losing the one of two average Pilots in the crossfire; Atlas was able to damage two of the units, but to no avail the units escaped in a highly customize Agamemnon-class with Mirage Colloid. By the time Commander Karin got his Nazca-Class to launch the enemy had already escaped. They informed command, Karin Team was then ordered to pursue the cloaked ship, well informed the council of this threat, and to get certain military bases on alert within the area. The ship in question was long gone so the only thing that they can do now is find a trail. (Note this is, but one of the reason that Durandal increased military force.) This incident was kept secret to the public. After the failed attempt; they got orders to return to the home land at once.

C.E. 73 August, 29. Debriefing of Armory Three:
The Karin Team was debriefed on the incidents that happen on Armory Three. Because Durandal Knew Atlas and is abilities that made him stand as Rey’s equal, he influenced HQ to give orders to put the Karin Team in charge of the task force in charge of tracking down the stolen suits. Three other teams will be joining them. The team was given a day off till departure. Atlas decided to get a “Cutch-up chat” with Gil, if he’s available that is. On his way, Cassidy “bumped” into him and ask he’d go shopping with her. Atlas declined the offer “I would, but unfortunately my schedule is booked.” Replied Atlas, Cassidy responded disappointed “Aw, that’s too bad.” look at his masked face she asked “What you doing that’s so important then?” she had a look of curiosity on her face; he knew that she wouldn’t leave till he gave an answer. Atlas signed “I’m just going to visit with so friends of mine;” he shrugged “does that satisfy you?” she then bounced with hype “You wouldn’t be talking about Rey or the chairman now would you, hmm?” Atlas thought with a slight smile on his face to himself persistent little… “Yeah, I got so mail from Chairmen Durandal that Rey is stationed here and will be transferred to Armory One tomorrow, so I thought I should at least stop and say hi.” Cassidy give up “Well I would join you, but you know I can’t stand that Shinn Asuka.” Atlas with grin “heh that makes two of us” Atlas then gives her farewell walked away. Cassidy just stood there for a moment then through a fit, shout silently; her face all puffed up and embarrassed “Ohh! Why does he always run off like that when I try to go on a date with him!” a voice from behind “Trouble in paradise?” with a shock look on her face, Cassidy turned “Ah, M-Mona how long have you been stand there?” with a devious grin Mona replied “Long enough.”, meanwhile Atlas made it to barrack that Rey and company where staying at. He entered and saw Shinn first thing and the whining has begun “Oh, great what are you doing here!?” Atlas simply said “Nice to see you too, fellow Red.” Shinn was wear is natural angry face. A blonde long haired young man appeared “Huh, Atlas what brings you here?” Atlas smiled “Ah, Rey just stop by to see how you are doing my friend,” Atlas took quick glance at Shinn and add “I heard that you guys are being transferred to Armory One.” Shinn mockingly said “Well, duh!” Atlas and Rey gave Shinn the “look” Atlas then said ”Well, any case I wanted to wish you guys luck, and Rey tell the rest of the team I said hi.” Rey polite and calm as usual said “Okay, take care then Atlas.” Shinn ran off to work on finishing final preparation. As Atlas left Rey said “You know not to take Shinn comments too personal right?” Atlas laughs it off “Heh, I do feel for the guy, but I know he’s just difficult that way.” Rey just stared at Atlas’ back as he walks off.

(note for Stargazer: this is a place that your faith member could show up if you want)

C.E. 73 September, 21. Path to another Legacy.
After days of searching the Task force finally got a lead on the whereabouts of the stolen Mobile Suits. Zaft intelligence called this one, but they couldn’t discover out if they where renegades or Earth Force Special Ops. Either way the Task force had to strike. After the Battle the Enemy evaded the Task Force again at least this time they didn’t leave empty handed. The Group that stole the suits was known as “Phantom Pain” and the commander in charge of this team was Commander Edward Flint. (Atlas had a reaction when fighting against Flint.)

C.E. 73 October, 2 Raid on Armory One.
Later, an armed group raid Armory one, but this time it when public, because the Chairman was there. The group stole the new models that were being tested: The Chaos, Gaia, and Abyss. The Attack was similar to what happen at Armory three, but more devastating. The Karin Team and along with was another Team was called to reinforce the area, while Zaft’s New Battleship give pursued. This was the wake call that the Zaft military needed in Atlas’ opinion.

C.E. 73 late November, The Break the world incident:
During this time the Karin team was assigned to guard Armory One well it was finishing repairs in the mean time, it was discovered that Junius Seven was drifting from its orbited position. It was one of the worst cases the fall did a lot of damage to Earth. Chairman Durandal wanted to have a private meeting with Atlas on the matter his opinion of what happen and a personal update on the situation on his end. Somewhere around this time Commander Flints team met up with the Girty Lue and it crew. After the meeting was over with Gil, it looked like thing just got worst. Command gives Orders to the task force to Return to the PLANTS.

C.E. 73 or early 74 Battle of Aprilius One:

After the Karin Team was ordered back, sometime later the earth started making ridiculous claims that it was Zaft’s fault that the remains of Junius Seven fell to earth with using photos that Phantom Pain captured, despite best efforts to come up with a peaceful solution to the problem. The Earth Forces attack the plants. The Karin Team was one of the many teams on the defense. The battle got most intense when the Earth forces fired nukes, thankfully the attack failed and remains of Earth forces were forced back to their lunar base. Thus starting point of the second bloody valentine war.

C.E. early 74: Divine Intervention:

Zaft Intel reported that the legacy units have been found in South America.

C.E. 74 Show Down:

Vergil dies
(Fighting the pseudo legacy units finally destroys two of them and capture one of them )
Atlas destroys Legacy X with his Demi-Providence and kills Richter Flint, the man that was once his father, Dalen Casvel.

C.E. 74 day before the invasion of heavens base Atlas and Mona are promoted to Commanders:

Atlas De Mask gets the mobile Suit that he requested from Chairman Durandal the ZGMF-X13S Phantom Providence made to in his liking. And was given command of what was Left of the Karin Team and renamed the De Mask Team and some new guys join to fill the ranks.

C.E. 74 battle at heavens base:

After the two got promoted, Atlas discovered that neither his nor Manna’s team was assigned to the operation that was to take place tomorrow and was ordered back to space. After the battle it was a shock to them to find that Commander Karin was KIA during the drop on heavens base. Atlas felt that he should try to comfort Manna in her crisis of losing the only family member she had left.

C.E. 74: Endgame:

Destiny plan has been revealed to the world. Chairman Durandal was very obsessed with it. Atlas silently thought that I was a good idea that he tipped of the Clyne faction when he did. See the flaws in Destiny Plan; knowing that it will not change a thing at all. Atlas began thinking that true peace can only be grated when everything was to reset and whipped away the human race. After requiem was captured and logos was finished. Atlas was assigned to Messiah and hours before the battle to end the conflict between ZAFT and Orb; Atlas was given secret orders to investigate and stop an unnamed organization that was give the Durandal uneasy feelings. Atlas wearing a face of frustration that wishes to stay and fight Kira Yamato and claim his mentor’s revenge, but Durandal countered say that was “Rey’s Destiny” and not his. Enraged, but ultimately agreeing that he will not be fighting in this battle at least not with Durandal knowing anyways. Atlas then head towards his next mission, but not after see what side fate will take in this final battle that would end this war. Atlas had his newly build Nazca class destroyer Sovereign launch and gave orders to stay out of the combat zone and out of range, while he went in Phantom Providence to watch the final moments cloaked. Witnessing the defeat of the Legend, Atlas said to himself “and he’s (Rey) my equal…” with disappoint in his tone and after observing the damaged legend land in messiah. Atlas knew exactly how this would end and took the heavily damaged unit, from what was to be its grave, with him. Now that the Gil was now dead he thought that he should at least finish his last mission and then departed into deep space towards an unknown large space fortress.

MS: under Zaft

YFX-600R GuAIZ (Marxist Karin custom) color gray. Armaments, Flyer, GuAIZ R Beam Shield, two beam Sabers, and GuAIZ beam Rifle

GuAIZ R (Mori Custom) the dreaded Pink theme Armaments, GuAIZ R Beam, Dragoon system 4X on Backpack, GuAIZ beam rifle

GuAIZ R (Strain custom) dark forest green color theme. Has the standard armaments

ZAKU (Manna custom) light gray with a side of black, often armed with the Slash kit.

Demi-Providence (based off the dreadnought or think of it this way if the Impulse and the GuAIZ had a baby this would be it) has a light blue instead of white. Armaments: one beam saber hidden in under the right arm. GuAiZ Beam Rifle, beam shield tech similar to that of the Hyperion type developed by the earth forces with its own special characteristics. The prototype Strike Dragoon system 3x on the Backpack and 1x regular unit type on each side that can rotate. Power plant, Ultra compact battery, this unit was originally designed for a nuclear power plant, but the treaty provided that so the dragoons are rarely deployed. When there are deployed

Phantom Providence (Atlas new suit) it’s white as a phantom. Like that of the original Providence it is armed with the Dragoon system and modified to Atlas’ liking with a Mirage Colloid stealth system that even works on its dragoons. and a brand new system called Phantom Projection, other armaments are: a custom White GuAIZ beam rifle and same shield system as the Stocker. This mobile suit is perhaps one of the most deadly of its kind

Earth Forces:

Legacy X is the stolen mobile suit developed by zaft during the end of the first bloody valentine war. This mobile suit was not supposed to exist. The over all design for the mobile suit was to be a more heavily armed version of the Legacy in terms of fire-power.

Pseudo Legacy units 1-3, these three mobile suits were stolen from Armory 3 the along with Legacy X. the units are based on the Legacy and Fate.

Section updated 3/2/10

Story plot script:

Narrator (Atlas): The Year is C.E. 72. It has been nearly two years since the Second battle of Jachin Due the battle that ended hostility in the bloody valentine war and the death of my mentor in that final battle. After losing another father to the war; my new guardian Gilbert Durandal was encouraged to join ZAFT along with my good childhood friend Rey Za Burrel, my mentor’s younger brother. We both decided to enlist, Rey and I were in the same classes together during this time we met Shinn Asuka an immigrated from Orb and the Hawk sisters and my future team members Vergil, Cassidy and Mona. Over my time at the academy I made it to the Red elite I grow a rival out of Shinn. In C.E. 73 Gilbert Durandal is now chairman of the planets, at the gradation ceremony I was assigned to the Karin Team, I later find out that Mona’s father was the commander of the team and a person who knew my father and mentor. Before I was to given my first assignment with my team I was requested to be with Gil. On my way to his office I met up with Rey who Gil also wished to see. We both entered Gil gave both of us a congratulation pep-talk and said, “Both of you are born for greatness and that is to be our destiny.” I was unsure of what he meant by those words, but he was always like an uncle to me that I could talk to him about anything that bothered me.

A month or so later: Armory 3 weapons test and storage facility Planet

Narrator: Armory 3. My first assignment it was a planet that was used for weapons storage, which stored mobile suits and to test out new prototype mobile weapons that included suits and other weapons tech. I was to test out the reoutfited Demi-Providence ( the mobile suit used to have a nuclear power plant installed, but was removed after the war,). The unit was equipped with the prototype Strike Dragoon System and it was assigned to me by Gil himself; little did I know that I would be facing the toughest and possibly one of the most important missions I ever got.

Armory 3 Barracks

Atlas was sleeping, in his dream he was at a graveyard and was standing in front of two tomb stones one of his Father and another of his mentor; it was cloudy almost as if it was going to rain, as some of the fog lifted he say a three stone with the name “Elucifer Casvel“the name that he was born with. The expression on his face was a state between shock and depression. At that instant Atlas started to hear a familiar voice that was getting louder by the second. Atlas woke to find the familiar voice was none other that his fellow team member Vergil next to him asking if Atlas was alright. Atlas responded saying

Atlas: “Yeah, I’m okay just had that dream again.”

Vergil (looking nervous): said”… The one about that Graveyard?”

Atlas smugly yet gracefully replies: “Yep, that’s the one. It’s happening more frequent lately.”

Vergil look at his watch: “Well best get moving test site that mobile suit of yours won’t test itself.”

Atlas:”True enough.”

Atlas stood up grab his white mask that he kept from his mentor as a memento and placed it on his face and snapped the buttons in place. Atlas then head outside the room to a jeep that was waiting. He enters the passenger side seat well Vergil took the wheel and started driving to the location.

Vergil said curiously: “Wonder if the Girls are there yet?”

Atlas(staring out at the building that they were passing) replay “Who Knows?”.

Vergil just shock’s his head and kept driving.

Meanwhile outside the PLANT stood a clock Earth forces battleship. In the briefing room of the ship stood several pilots and three young girls that look in their teens. A man wearing sunglasses then enter the room. On his uniform was the rank of major.

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Posted 09 November 2009 - 10:17 PM

Should i try to come up with a better name than Stocker gundam as Atlas' first mobile suit name?

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Posted 15 November 2009 - 07:45 PM

I think it's a fine name.

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Posted 04 December 2009 - 04:23 AM

Finally Updated my story let me know what you think.

Endgame is the last event in Legacy X series, but still need more filler.

PS if you think this is the work of a madd man then just wait for Gundam Seed Prophecy
three words Strike Nu Gundam

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Guest_True Freedom_*
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Posted 09 December 2009 - 06:13 AM

If ur looking 4 a better name than the stocker, try defender or shadow. Just throwing ideas out ther. Hows the game coming or did u guys get bored of doing it.

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Posted 14 December 2009 - 09:31 PM

my work so far...

Attached Thumbnails

  • Team_De_Maskpe.jpg
  • Cass_New_Legend.jpg
  • Atlasce72mask.jpg

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Posted 15 December 2009 - 06:34 AM

True Freedom Here. Was using a guest account b4. Heres my real one. I have the freedom in 3d format already if u guys wanna have a look. I also have it with its meteor. uk my email

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Posted 15 December 2009 - 08:56 PM

Hey Zexion,

Your off to a great start with the artwork. You have a good foundation, your proportions a good for the most part and your characters look like they are from the seed universe which is saying a lot because the gundam seed series has a very stylized form of artwork. I am by no means a professional and im still learning as well but I think I can give you a few pointers.

A lot of things just come from practice but there are some things that can help you. First what program are you using? I suggest if you are really serious about getting into art then you invest in a program like photoshop or painter. There are a few others around to but ive used both of those and are the best in my opinion. Next I suggest getting a tablet. This is really a must for doing art on the computer. A mouse can only get you so far and getting good with a tablet is worth every penny.

Once you do that I think that will solve one of your problems which is the line work. When you scan the work onto the computer and then paint over it you loose all of the line work you have done. A lot of artist can do it like that but its a really hard technique to learn and I dont suggest starting with that. I did a quick sketch to show you what I mean. If you look at number 1 on the image I attached, that is essentially a trace of your drawing with a few minor changes. But you can see how much the line work can improve on just flat colors.

The other thing is the shading. I liked the shading that you did with the Cassity image. The problem is that your light source is not consistent so it does not sell the shade. Light can be a very complex thing and take a long time to understand all the shading techniques but for the most part, if you look at number 2, the shading is all consistent. The light is coming from the right and the shade is on the left. All this comes with practice though. I suggest looking as many reference images as possible. Next time you look at a seed image really look at what they did and how they are shaded.

Overall I think your work is really good. But definitely look into a tablet and photoshop or painter. I think you will get much better results.


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Posted 04 January 2010 - 06:26 AM

well, sorry everyone my PC broke down in the mid of December it appears to be working now... well that aside what equipment that i'm using is print.net (a free generic photo shop) i have a genius tablet, but it not real big it's overall size as large as a folder. and i have Gmax.

Back at college now so the my project is halted again...*sign* damn you Dragon Age: origins

I still have to come up with the designs for Legacy X yet. idea so far like the legacy,but more fire power and EVVILLLLL!!!!! main color gray or black with red eyes. then the designs for the stocker that i'm renaming Demigod

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Posted 02 March 2010 - 05:32 PM

Hey guys i updated my script a bit let me know what you think (note the updates are in my first post) give me thoughts on the whole will ya or this may get as bad a be redub as Gundam Seed Destiny zexion01's private version.

oh i did a little renaming Stocker is now Demi Providence.

on a side Note Stargazer do you wish to have any of your destiny base character in Legacy X?
If so please give me a description of their personalities and mobile suits as well as any place you would like them to appear.

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Posted 04 May 2010 - 11:10 PM

I started adding some script in the first post let me know what you think so far I also started on customizing some mobile suits.
(man this site looks barren.) Well, that thought aside hows everyone doing?

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Posted 21 January 2011 - 01:55 AM

Things that I'm debating about should I change the introduction to Atlas reminiscing about this about his events of Second Bloody Valentine war from his captain's room on his ship before Seed Prophecy starts giving him back story showing how his character change over the years (SEED Prophecy is my sequel to Seed Destiny)? I also concept design ready for Legacy X. What I had in mind was something similar to Legacy and Fate units, but with a evil overpowering outlook. I would also like to know if Stargazer would like his Legacy C.E. 73 characters to may a cameo in my story for Legacy X?

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