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True Lord of Chaos

    I have returned, mostly out of boredom.

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Posted 06 February 2010 - 07:39 PM

This is where all of my work is currently posted.
There are two sides of this RTS, each with their own customizable units and buildings: the Corporation, a high tech but expensive side that takes a lot of time to build up, and the Rebellion, a weaker but faster guerrilla-style side that is fast to build up.
It all started with the sale of Mars. The Corporation bought the planet, it's inhabitants, and it's resources. Of course, this choice had some consequences. The individual civilizations of the planet were merged into one, and the citizens were forced into slave labor. This went along peacefully for many years.
Eventually, a group of people had gotten tired of the dictatorship. They had meetings during the night and rounded up many of the citizens into an army, which they dubbed the Rebellion. They started creating their army and weaponry, until they were ready to fight back.
By the time they were ready to fight back, the Corporation had owned every solid planet in the solar system, along with several other planets in other areas of the galaxy.
For information on gameplay and unit stats, go to the discussions tab.
Basic Gameplay:
You have been chosen to lead an army of either side. Choose wisely, when you choose a side, you must stick with that side until the end of the season, which lasts 1 month.
You will start by choosing your side, than you will choose where your first achievement point, which is used for upgrades, will be placed. You cannot change where your point is placed in this season; however, you will gain more points as you gain achievement points from achievements. Achievements reset after each season, and the winner of the last season gains a special achievement, which allows them to choose a primary achievement. Primary achievements are upgrades that effect everything under your control. These are much more powerful than your average achievement, generally giving you special abilities or giving you access to hero units.
After you choose your upgrade, you will begin building your base. You will start with basic defenses and a forcefield guarding your base at the start. The forcefield will go away after a half an hour, so you must work quickly. As you create new buildings, new tabs will appear on your sidebar. The tab in the shape of a house is your structure tab, the second tab, in the shape of a lightning bolt, is for defenses, the third, in the shape of a person, is for infantry, the fourth, in the shape of a tank from above, a square with a circle in it, is for vehicles, and the tab in the shape of an airplane is for aircraft.

Hello everyone. I am back.

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