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AI works on One Map but ....

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#1 madmax_the modder

madmax_the modder
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Posted 03 April 2010 - 12:06 AM

Hi everyone , i wonder if i will even get a reply here , seems like no one using forums here anymore, too old maybe. Cry. Ok, anyways , heres the thing. I have created a faction and written AI for this faction, and on the one map that i created the AI scripts in originally, it works like a charm. Thing is, i created another map, and added in the same faction through the players list, but instead of having the same 2 player map i had originally made, i created a 4 player map. Imported my same scripts that worked great on other map, and it seems nothing works anymore.

Another odd thing i have noticed, is that when i created my scripts, i made backup copies of the opriginal SkirmishScripts and MultiplayerSscripts, and replaced them with my new scripts, but when choosing to import scripts, it still reads in all the orignal scripts. For eg : China Tank general etc ...

NHow can this be , when i replaced those scripts completely.?

Anyways , if anyone has any ideas as to why or what may cause this issue of my scripts not working in another map , please help me, thank you

#2 madmax_the modder

madmax_the modder
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Posted 09 April 2010 - 10:13 AM

Ok , well its quite some time later , and gladly , i have managed to sort out all my AI issues. Theres one oddity though that i just cant seem to trace. Im wondering if anyone knows why , no matter what i do , when clicking add skirmish players, the regular skirmish players are ALWAYS added/ I have removed the original factions completely, erased te script files and rewritten them with all of my own custom stuff.... and yet the original factions persist in the world builder players list.

Where is this data stored, or is it actually hardcoded into the world builder ?

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