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how Scandinavia defeated the 1%

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Posted 06 February 2012 - 10:13 AM

"They" should be "us" we all should take the blame instead of pushing it onto the nearest target even if it is justified.

Sure, but then you can't go around saying its hopeless and keep your mouth shut. Then you are only taking the blame for those who have no shame. You seem to think that because you've never said anything else before you're complicit in the massive crimes against humanity we've done in our time. And we might rationalize that as true, but its more correct to say you are guilty because you didn't say no. It's better to try your best to change something and fail, than to shrug give up and fail without even trying.

If it was a legit movement they'd be arguing for wiping foreign debt form impoverished countries, raising the minimum wage, reforming the education system, improving health care, setting up programs for the poor areas and trying to create new jobs things that could do some real good.

Most of those topics have been brought up, so I don't see your problem at all. The foreign debt hasn't been that much of a topic, since this is mainly a internal protest against the way the system works for a nation and its citizens, but I bet it would be one of the first things the progressives would look at if they got power. Public support like healthcare and infrastructure has always been high up on their lists of demands, so I'm surprised you haven't noticed.

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