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Revora Forum Rules & Policy

forum rules guidelines policy

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Posted 07 September 2014 - 07:56 PM

Welcome to Revora Community Forums. This board is used as the main methods of communication and community support for the projects we host. We are home to a variety of modifications, project and gaming divisions.

Please take your time to look at our forums and topics to find where your topic of discussion should go. If your topic is placed in the wrong forum, a moderator has the right to move it to its correct location. 


Here at Revora we have some global rules for our central community which will be listed below. Individual divisions, sites and modifications also have their own local rules so please pay attention to these.
Consistently violating the rules below will get you warned. Several warns will lead to suspension. Consistently breaking Shoutbox rules or spamming Shoutbox messages will get you a permanent Shoutbox ban.





         ​ACCOUNTS: - We only allow 1 account per individual. If you have lost your password, you can request a new password through the Log In interface. 

                                - We do not delete forum accounts on request.


         CONTENT:   - We do not allow the posting of or linking to explicit images (porn or gore). 

                               - We do not allow public linking to pirated material (no links to game or music torrents).

                               - We do not allow posting other people's work without credit, or claiming this work as your own.

                               - Forum signatures cannot exceed 1200x250 pixels in size. Also don't post giant blocks of text as a signature.


         SHOUTBOX:  - The shoutbox is a tool for quick social interaction between forum members. Please follow the rules below when making use of it:

                                 - When linking a video in the shoutbox, please use spoiler tags (click for explanation).

                                 - The shoutbox is not meant for C&C:Online support or T3A:Online support. If you have a problem, please use the C&C:Online forums or T3A:Online forums instead.

                                 - The shoutbox is not meant for drawing attention to your own threads that you feel haven't garnered enough of a response.



          - ​Don't post several of the same threads. 
          - When making a thread, use proper thread titles.
          - When making a thread, write a decent opening post.
          - Don't make a bunch of posts in a row.

          - No conspiracy theories, save for the Spam Factory.



          - ​Stay respectful, even if a debate gets heated. You do not have to respect people's opinions, but you do need to respect the person behind them.
          - Stay respectful, even if you are communicating through PM. If you're receiving abuse through PM, make sure to report it to a Revora staff member.
          - We do not tolerate threats of any kind; threatening another member will result in a permanent ban.



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