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CnCIRC - The 'Quakenet' for Command and Conquer

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Posted 10 February 2015 - 04:39 AM

We had a grande idea for a network of IRC servers related to various Command and Conquer communities.
It will be possible for pretty much any community to link up with CnCIRC.net and bring all sorts of CNC fans together on one network.
Cronus and Genesis have been working their butts off to configure this all for our enjoyment :)

MPF IRC Servers
There is not changing anything for MPF's servers apart from the network name which shall be *.cncirc.net instead of *.multiplayerforums.com
You can continue to use the MPF addy irc.mpforums.com or irc.multiplayerforums.com however you should change your scripts to include the new network name of *.cncirc.net

Current MPF IRC servers:
  • coffee.cncirc.net (formerly coffee.multiplayerforums.com)
  • cola.cncirc.net (formerly cola.multiplayerforums.com)
  • martini.cncirc.net (formerly martini.multiplayerforums.com)
Other C&C Communities
At present, we have the following communities connected to the network:
  • MPF (Renegade community)
  • CnCFPS (C&C news site)
  • Nite-Serv (C&C Community)
  • Tibitek (Renegade-X community)
  • Tiberian Genesis / C&C Generations (CE3 game based in C&C universe)
  • Kamuix (Renegade community built around MissionDM)
  • Renegade-X / Infamous IRC (developers of Renegade-X)
  • Avalon / THS (Minecraft community)
  • Jelly is available through a channel "janus" link for #jelly and #jelly-marathon (others included, just do a /list *jelly*)
  • BHP (A Path Beyond community)
Connecting to the IRC network
You can use the addy irc.multiplayerforums.com or irc.cncirc.net to connect to the network which will randomly pick a server.
It should be noted that there is no more autojoin for #MPF on the network, so if you want to be in this channel (and others) you will have to add them into your perform or script to join them.

Oper Privileges
These are very scarce and only a couple of trustworthy people have global oper status assigned to help users with for example registration problems and any other issues they may have.
If you or someone you know requires any help please tell them to join the channel #cncirc

Have fun!
Please have fun chatting on the CnCIRC network. We hope to see this grow and become the 'quakenet' for CnC :D
If you have any questions or want to link a server then please see this link or talk to Genesis and Cronus directly as they are in charge of the CnCIRC network.

To live and let live :)

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