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In Topic: Lothlórien (Elven) faction

14 August 2007 - 10:18 PM

what if we moved the mirkwood archers from the barracks and put them in a tent or something... with that done you would beable to get a sub faction into elves, i mean with the tent you can not only make mirkwood but also some other kind of mirkwood solder like swordsmen and speacial archers who can switch between bow and sword however because they come from the tent they all have stealth capabilities but they will not be very strong at all... this is where the lorians come in they will not beable to stealth because of the armor and stuff but they will be stronger. this allowes to have stealth capabilities but also the ability to duke it out with other players with stronger but not stealthable units

In Topic: Comments & Suggestions for Beta 4.5

12 August 2007 - 05:45 PM

hey guys, played the mod the other day and it was amazing =)... however i noticed that when a hero (ranged like legolas or thranduil) were attacking at max range they would hit the same target even if they were dead so i investigated and i learned that it was because of the arrow speed. so i went into the weapon.ini (mine not the mods because messing with mods without concent is messed up lol) and i made the arrowes a little faster just by adding 200 to each number of the arrow speed and it fixed the problem... so to fix the problem just make the arrows faster and they wont shoot the same target unless its still alive :p

In Topic: Lothlórien (Elven) faction

14 July 2007 - 04:51 PM

Legolas isn't one of the greatest fighters... he just has the advantage on his bow ;) he get's to kill before the others gets close ;) He had 17 when Gimli had 2, and Gimli still won ;) :p

First off, you overlook a ton of things. He owns with knifes too, so saying he just has advantage with the bow is false. And when he was against archers, you didn't see him doing down, instead you saw him dodge the arrows and then take out the archers. And the score they both got doesn't matter. Put legolas against Gimli and legolas would win.

~Balrog :p

not to mention he has been around for a wile lol if memory serves me correct he was a child during the 1st age *or the one where the last alliance was when isildur *sp* cut the ring from sarumans *sp* hand* so he has had a long time to learn how to fight with both knives and as well as be an amazing archer... hands down legolas would win the fight vs. gimli

In Topic: Lothlórien (Elven) faction

14 July 2007 - 04:43 PM

eh i just think he needs to fire faster because he does get the arrow up really fast he just doesent fire it for like a second =( and nazgul YAY!!! defending stuff with siege's will be so much better now that every arrow doesent go to the first battalion only =)

In Topic: Lothlórien (Elven) faction

14 July 2007 - 12:27 PM

no just worth the purchase make him more expensive if needed i just think it would make it closest to the movie because he was a very very good archer

and what about the volley for the archers with silverthorn arrows... could you make it so they dont go so high? like when they dont have silverthorns it looks normal but when they get them the trojectory of the arrow is like a lob :p