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22 December 2007 - 04:07 AM

Assertion Failure

ASSERTION FAILURE: !index_buffer->Engine_Refs(),
C:\projects\ZeroHour\code\Libraries\Source\WWVegas\WW3D2\dx8indexbuffer.cpp, 171

Abort->exception; Retry->debugger; Ignore->continue

Abort Retry Ignore

does anyone know how to fix this? it keeps coming up, sometimes for no reason, other times when i try using the heighten ground tool

no matter which option a press the thing ends up dieing

man, i swear that they didnt use such a piece of crap to make all their maps, i bet they have a fixed professional version, and they just released this one for everyone else

if anyone can help me i would really apreciate it
(i want to make maps, like i did with yuri's revenge, but it keeps crashing :p , i must say i expected alot better of something actually released with the game)

Help :(((

03 September 2007 - 10:16 AM

when i made my account i used my email address, but later when i tryed logging onto it i cant, i hadnt used it for a ages and it must have deactivated, and now i cant validate my email :thumbsupdrool:

i made a new email account, but i cant change my email till i validate my account from the other email address!! :thumbsupdrool: :thumbsupdrool: :thumbsupdrool: :thumbsupdrool:

is there any way to make it so i can validate from my new email address, i dont want to have to make a new account, cause i want this name, and i dont know where i got my avitar from

plz can someone help :thumbsupdrool: :thumbsupdrool:

what are these?

02 September 2007 - 10:50 AM

ok, ive been on final alert 2, trying for the first time tiriggeres, ect

i found these in taskforce or teams

3 missings at start
utnk(zzz unused)
WeedGuy(chem spray infantry)

wut are they? i guess most of them dont work, or theyed be on maps like the holizer is, but can i get some more info on them, if anyone knows anything, im just curious really

it crashes and i dont know why

02 September 2007 - 08:22 AM

hey, i was wondering if anyone could figure out what the problem is,

i have made a map, and i want it so that 5 (civilian) ufos come in the gaurd a yuri command center(its a moon map)

i followed the tutorial here:

but when i try starting the map, it says yuri's revenge has encountered an internal error and has to close

now this is the first time ive ever made a trigger or anything (Ive been in beginner mode till now, lol) so im new to this, what do you think would cause this, any common mistakes noob map makers, like me, commonly make that could cause this?

any help would be great <3

and you thought the Centurion Siege Crawler was cool..

31 August 2007 - 06:26 AM

lol, look at this, it looks awsome:

Posted Image

Posted Image

theres more images of it here, as well as some red alert and tib sun images in other sections:


(there are descriptions under the images if you click on them on the site