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In Topic: MO 2.0 // Strategy

18 November 2007 - 09:32 PM

I just use lots of infantries to defend my base when in early game, then rush em all when my base is done. Normally the inf rush destroys the enemy, but when it fails, I got a reserve tank battalion waiting :p

And what happens if the enemy is iraq *Veteran Desolators* Britain *Veteran snipers* Scorpion Cell *Veteran virus'* Or has infiltrated your barrack's *Veteran Desolator, Sniper, Virus depending on faction*. What then. Because frankly infantry fail against them. Especially desolators or Virus' who can kill all your infantry with just one of them *Desolator's that are deployed will murder your infantry and Virus' poison gas will spread and multiply all around your infantry killing them all* Or A sniper in a IFV which will slaughter your infantry at a distance? Or the Kaamos platform which will do what the Virus does but at a much larger scale? Or Boris, Rhan or tanya *Watch out for rahn especially not only does he remove one of your units for every shot he gives his owner a extra brute and avoid Boris any day* Or if your unlucky enough, Volkov and Chitzoki *Who will slaughter your infantry with ease*. And Don't forget attack dogs *Especially espillions due to poison gas*, And also Navy seals will cut a swath through your infantry, And Harpoons, Gattling Tanks, and Speeder bikes will also massacre your infantry.

As for your tanks, Well they are doomed, Especially if your fighting Germany or russia. The Tesla tank and Tank destroyers will cut a swath through your tanks. GGI's would smash your tank divisions. Tesla Troopers would absolutely devastate your Armoured Collums. And brutes would break them like toys. Oh and Watch out for Tesla coils with 5 tesla troopers around them, They can OHKO most tanks especially if said Tesla Coils are elite. And if there are two or more Prisim towers around they will destroy your tanks with ease. And also avoid the every so leathal Mind Controlled Abrahams/Apocolypse/Mammoth tank in a tank bunker. Those will turn your tanks into silly putty. And harriers/black eagles/star flares/migs would mutilate your tanks. And don't forget if your fighting Iraq, expect Veteran Atomic Apocolypse tanks coming your way. Your Tanks won't have a hope in hell.

You see you need air support. Infantry or tanks alone cannot break a army. Unless they are Apoc or Mammoth tanks and they are in huge numbers *Due to their effective against everything speciality*

In Topic: WHEN there will be updatings since June, 2005?

04 November 2007 - 08:03 PM

You better make the next version playable on first decade or I will do very evil things. Like PROTEST!!

In Topic: About the mod with the units

04 November 2007 - 07:59 PM

i think asking to have ra1 or anything else added is annoying, visit the mods site. I admit a mod that adds ra1 sides in might be cool if done right, being able to pick witch era soviets, and allies.

Holy s*** that's a lot of sides. But wait cabal just had cyborgs, the CABAL Obelisk, the Obelisk of Darkness, and the Core Defender *Who makes Mammoth Mk 2's look like pushovers* You must have made a lot up for his side.

In Topic: MO 2.0 // Strategy

21 October 2007 - 04:58 PM

I always play on team continent maps with 3 allies wether they be comp or human so my strategies won't work for everyone. I play on team continent maps so I get to use a navy and my maps are always very large. First off as I don't have to worry about a rush due to the ocean that seperates me from my enemies so I build up rapidly and I always have at least 3 refineries each with 3 war miners if i'm soviet, 4 gravi miners if I'm espilion , or 5 chrono miners if i'm the ally's, each.

So money won't be a problem till most of the ore is gone then it's a problem especially if I'm the allies. But I'll cover that later.

I'll build a few war factories, air fields, and naval yards and lots of AA because that's one of the only things that can get to me.

I will immediately build a decent air force and navy and after I get a good idea of what my enemy's base is I send in some plane's to harrass them but I tend to avoid anything near any form of AA, unless my target is a superweapon, Then I send everything I got to kill it no matter how much AA is around. I will build a nuclear reactor as soon as I can if i'm soviet, or I just build lots of power plants/bio chambers and if they are bio chambers I fill em up. And then I build the Industrial Plant/Ore Refinery/Cloning Facility, then I go for the Palace/drilling platform/Spy satelite uplink. and the super weapons and when they are ready I use the Strategic Superweapon and use them on the power plants of one of my enemies so the next phase of the plan can get into action.

Then my navy will sneak up from behind my enemy's base and wreak absolute havok using my half my akula's to protect my navy from the air/ and the other half to assist my dreadnought's in the siege by fireing at AA defences and whatever happens to be in their range, If I happen to be espilion then half my Kraken's
will do both jobs well excluding the AA job, If I'm the allies then my battleships and aircraft carriers do both jobs well my battleships will of course be on anti-submarine duty with the destroyers. My AA ships will be directed to where any Air attack is most likely to happen, my anti-ship ships/submarines/animals will hunt down ships, subs, and animals, and some will stay with the fleet to protect it.

And then I launch my air force to decimate them while the chaos is still going on, If I'm the allies my Harriers, Barracuda's, and Black Eagles will take out any initial targets of priority, the harriers taking out any vehicles, ships, or air craft that could complicate matters, The black eagles both assisting the harriers and the Barracuda's as well as providing a distraction for any remaining AA, the Barracuda's will fire at base defenses, power plants, buildings of priority, Air fields, and Radar providing structures.

For the Soviets I send in migs to do all those jobs.

For Espilion I send in star flare's to do all the jobs minus Air to Air Combat.

And finally I send in a massive amphibious assult consisting of just about everything I can afford and squash whatever is left and I use my tactical superweapon immediately if I'm soviet I use the iron curtain on 9 of my apoc tanks and send them in a base with heavy defenses to kill them, If I'm the allies (I always play on tech power mode) I will chrono in nine abrahm's tanks to assist the assult, and If I'm espilion . And my air force and navy will support the assult, The Discs/Copters/Rocketeers will fly with the army, If I'm the soviets then some copters will go with the army as support, some will go to escort the kirov's, some will land and provide extra artillery support, The Kirovs will come in and bomb whatever's left and the siege copters will take out any ground or air targets in the way.

In Topic: Placing MO tech structures on your map.

21 October 2007 - 04:32 PM

Which type of notepad in particular? And I have never opened anything in FA in note pad can you explain this to me? I'm kind of new to these things.