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How to get custum maps work with SEE?

04 November 2007 - 12:43 AM

As topic , even i installed the mod (4.5) correctly ( it plays an works) and the maps at teh right place (im using vista)

C:\Users\XXXX\AppData\Roaming\My Battle for Middle-earth™ II Files\SEE\maps

PS: if i installed it in the normal \My Battle for Middle-earth™ II Files\maps , the game wont start up , it says

"RUN TIME ERROR , Programe: D:/games/BFME2/GAME.DAT , this application has requested the runtime to terminate in an unusual way"

, but when i put the maps in the SEE/MAP place , it starts but i dont see the maps , only the ones come with the mod or the game...........

So whats wrong ?

Should archers and Long range seige weapon have less than 100 % accuracy ?

30 August 2007 - 09:01 AM

As topic , i noticed not anyone or mod has ever tired to mod the accuracy for archers or siege weapon , so i don't know if its not moddable or not but lets just talk about why something should be done to it .

1) Currently both siege and archer accuracy are 100% which is totally off the realistic chart (Dah ><)

2) who has the best archer (and the longest range) pawns anything on its way in game (including siege weapons , and i still don't understand why elfish upgraded arrows can second kill a catapult in real life....)

3) after walls being only attacked by siege , its more crucial for players to maneuver their troops to counter the siege attcks , so if siege becomes too powerful and TOO ACCURATE , there;s basically no change for you to men your walls or what ever...cause he walls still going to be pawned in a short time , and really whats the fun about that ?

4) If the system is to be changed i suggest ,

a) mordor / globin / angmar archers should only have like 30% of accuracy for their archers (levrel1 onwards will increase by level) , because their bows are simple and crude made and archers arent the major force

b) isangard / evil men / Dwarfs , archers / crossbow / axe throwers mens should have like around 50 % accuracy (increased by level onwards)

c) gondor / rohan should have around 60 % (increased by level) cause archers are well used

d) Elves /anor should have around 70% cause they are the most skilled ones

PS: changes should also be given to gurd towers / other wall upgrades

e) all long range siege weapon according to factions defer as follow , most accurate Giant crossbows 70% (but much less powerful and short range) > catapults 60 %(medium damage / range) > treubucials 50 % (gondor /anor) (good damage and longest range) > monsters . ents 40% (medium range , lowest accuracy , but fastest reload time)

New comers suggestions and questions XD

28 August 2007 - 05:21 AM

Well i tried this mod a day ago ,

my status: Vista home premium (all my computer stats are above required) + BFME2 1.06 + ROTWK 2.01 + mid-1.05 release publicly (THE ONE JUST BEING UPLOADED)

result : Dont know why the walls Can be attacked by non siege weapons or monsters ,and the walls are paper thin.....siege weapon being over powered to walls........also units or heroes always get stuck on towers (the ones getting onto your own fortress wall in BFME1 style maps)

Can anyone tell me why is that ? cause in the read me it says the opposite >< but either all this the other features work fine >< so whats wrong ?

Some suggestion for 1.05 (official) :

1) make projectile siege weapons accuracy go way down to - 50% to current level , to simulate siege warfare "takes time and effort" to actually hit the right place you want it to be (not saying accuracy go way off chart just if you want to hit a particular part of the all thats not easy in real life ) so it will still hit something but not always exactly where you want it to be

PS: also since only siege weapons or monsters can attack walls , the human tactics will just go : 10 catapults concentrate on one wall area , and boom its gone and you rush in , in real life it doesn't happen in a split second , it takes time and lots of tries , at least for game play sakes give time for the defenders to maneuver their troops to counter....

2) all heavy projectiles weapons (including the isangurd mine throwers) have effects on own units , same goes to certain spells , to make it realistic

3) some ideas posted for the new nazgul system (check the other post i made in the NAZGUL thread for info)

4) let units build in style of the BFME1 walls even in non BFME1 style maps , so even you don't start of a pre made fortress with those walls you can still build your own , and make sure units can "walk on those walls"

5) can more units be teamed up in a larger scale like making 4 units of gondor swordsmen together or 2 gondor swordsmen + 2 gondor archers together

6) More powers or special effects for custom heroes (like the fire sword can really make fire damage , the Thunder looking Staff really having thunder damage)

7) Sharaman the white wizard having a steed to ride ?

8) all factions have their own Ring hero or ring powers , exp : Balrog as hero for globins , Anor having Ezudor (forgot the spelling XD) , Angmar having that Blue wolf (add another spell to replace) , Gondor having an uograde to make aragon the real king (with super buffs and rename to his full name and new armour with crown on him) , Mordor same old iron men XD , elfs :same queen , Rohan maybe let them have a purchase of a fully upgraded rohirrum (like 10 untis of them) with no cost (but once only ) and making Therdon more buffed , Durfts.....dont know about that yet , and for evill men maybe a mumikill King ? XD