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15 March 2008 - 05:00 AM

Name: Rage Real Name: Rantwild
Age: 51
Race: Kaltesian
Gender: Male

-Healing Beam (for other races)
-Fast Repair Beam (for their technology)
-Eternal Eradicator |-Prototype-|
-XMFL Elite Assualt Rifle
-Duel Quad Pistol

Special: Thinks of smart ways to get out of things. Can quickly come up with a new idea/plan faster than normal and trustworthy.

Sorry if something is wrong. :grin:

In-game question

07 March 2008 - 11:59 PM

Sorry if I sound like a noob but while I was playing I noticed you have enhanced A.I.

(It's not that I can't beat them) but sometimes I just want to play shallow and see what lurks in this fantastic mod!

Well anyway get back to me when you can! :)