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In Topic: Video of the Day

25 September 2020 - 12:28 PM

Found a video about the Swedish Sci fi Con that I have attended in 2019 and previously with some english commentary. NOTE: this is not my video, feel free to post a youtube video from your local/or the Sci fi con that you have attended:

In Topic: Dune (2020) -- the highly anticipated movie of the year

29 August 2020 - 01:25 PM

The spice must flow! Trailer goes online on the 9:th of september.







In Topic: Picture of the day

23 April 2020 - 06:20 PM

Again recently she pulled a new hairstyle similar to Carly Rae Jepsen back in 2015:


She really really really doesn't look like Tom Hanks :wink_new:

In Topic: Dune (2020) -- the highly anticipated movie of the year

16 April 2020 - 02:00 PM

Just to add some:





In Topic: Awesome Music topic

05 April 2020 - 09:10 AM

At least Pinball FX3 did get retrowave:

Note that Zen Pinball 2 = Pinball FX2.

I get a late 90's era gaming vibe from these, am I alone? What's missing are the skateboard caps and FILA branding...