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In Topic: Favorite factions!

14 October 2009 - 10:29 PM


These are my favourite factions in the mod (so not necessarily the ones I love/hate in normal game);

1. Goblins. I know most people hate them now, but I just love the uber-swarm and the two hero dragons.
2. Mordor. They're just so cool for me, and everything about them just clicks; maybe it's the personalised Nazgul.
3. Elves. Beauty in a game as old as this when I can play Crysis on high settings is hard to find for someone like me, but the elves show me it all the time. And their faction just generally rocks; love the magician guys.
4. Arnor. I like their play style, and I really like their heroes too. I connect with them so much better than any of the other human hreoes (cept' Aragorn).
5. Men of the East. Their power tree and unique feel make me want to twinkle....or wrinkle. Anyway, they are super fun and for an entirely new faction are super awesome.
6. Rohan. They're fast, they're powerful. They're Rohirrim. Or maybe their just yeomen asking for a coin. Either way, I like; I like.
7. Angmar. Their cool, the frost stuff is awesome, but not much seems to have changed in RJ.
8. Isengard. It's not so much a fault of this faction that makes it ranked so low, but it's more that the other factions have been made to be more awesome and generally fun for me then Isengard once was.
9. Dwarves. I used to like dwarves, but like with Isengard, they are sort of bland when compared to the other factions for me.
10. Gondor. Ah, Gondor. I never really like Gondor in the first place, and though I love the additions (I love all the additions in this mod), sadly, they just don't work for me. Sorry Aragorn.

As for my favourite factions in the normal game;
1. Mordor. Definitely.
2. Angmar. Wippe-wippe-wippe!
3. Isengard. Boom! *grunt* Boom!
4. Dwarves. Who else?
5. Goblins. *drools*
6. Elves. Hmmm......
7. Men of the West. Ick....fun once....boring now.

In Topic: RJ 1.06 Bug Reports

14 October 2009 - 10:17 PM

I found several bugs, of which a few I probably can't remember and others obviously have likely been reported already. I've checked this thread so hopefully I won't repeat bugs others have already posted.

So I'll just start here;
-Drogoth can pick up the ring somehow (I don't know how it happened); he shot a fireball at Gollum, who died, and somehow Drogoth 'acquired' the Ring when I was playing Goblins with Mordor against Gondor on the Amon Sul Fortress map.
-On one of the maps in normal War of the RIng (not RJ's), I think it was Ettenmoors, I was playing as Arnor and using the un-armoured hero that's got long hair and looks like Theoden sort of when you zoom in (can't remember his name; I'll check after the initial post and edit) started freezing up when I ordered him to attack the Angmar enemies. Because it was the start of the game and he had no army to back him up (I can usually do those types of matches alone, although the annoying start off with 4k resources make's it a build 15 farms and hope you build up enough before the enemy comes), I soon died.
-Obviously, Elves don't work in War of the Ring mode unless they have a pre-built fortress (as in building one) so their only hope of taking territories, because their builders can't build anything until the fortress has been built and the faction selected, is to sart with a massive army each time they attack and simply try to overrun the enemy right at the onset. This does work, but it is rather annoying. I just wanted to re-remind everyone :p

The rest I could mention I believe have already been reported, and there is good chance these ones have too. Just making sure you guys know all the issues so RJ-RotWK can become bug-free.

In Topic: Nazg├╗l unmasked

14 October 2009 - 10:02 PM

Where did you find a picture of my.....
Oh, never mind.


In Topic: The next step...

14 October 2009 - 11:52 AM

I fully support this.
I'm half-versed in legal stuff, and I can honestly say this is a good idea.
Go for it :p

In Topic: SEE Changelog - Beta 4.7

14 October 2009 - 12:10 AM

Not many modifications compare to SEE's quality in my opinion. This is great stuff, and will certainl make me stop playing Far Cry 2 or Arkham Asylum (for a short while :shiftee: I know I suck).