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25 January 2023 - 11:54 PM

Hello again,


another question that I couldn't figure out properly yet:


I  tried this:


- added an object upgrade unlock to level 2 experiencelevel.ini for the respective rank:

(code only contains the relevant infos)

ExperienceLevel    Level2
    ShowLevelUpTint                        =    Yes    
    Rank                            =    2
    Upgrades                     =         Upgrade_name
    LevelUpTintColor                    =    R:255 G:255    B:255
    LevelUpTintPreColorTime                    =    500    
    LevelUpTintPostColorTime                =    3000
    LevelUpTintSustainColorTime                =    500    
    EmotionType                        =    CHEER
        Texture                        =    decal_I_level2
        Texture2                    =    decal_evil_CO
        Style                        =    SHADOW_MERGE_DECAL
        OpacityMin                    =    80%
        OpacityMax                    =    100%
        MinRadius                    =    HORDE_DECAL_MIN_RADIUS
        MaxRadius                    =    200    
        MaxSelectedUnits                =    40

- added a requirement to the formation button:

CommandButton Command_ToggleFormation
    Command            = HORDE_TOGGLE_FORMATION 
    ButtonImage             = UCFormation_Line UCFormation_Loose
    ButtonBorderType        = ACTION ; Identifier for the User as to what kind of button this is
     NeededUpgrade        = Upgrade_name
    InPalantir        = Yes
    DoubleClick        = Yes
    UnitSpecificSound       = 

However the formation is activated for all units when 1 unit has reached level 2.

Question is how I can change it so it is activated only for the specific unit that has level 2.


I also tried to just put in the generic banner carrier upgrade into the "needed_upgrade" field but that didn't have the desired effect either. It only globally unlocked the formation when I tech banners, just like with SoG in bfme 2.

Someone can enlighten me if and how that issue is fixable?


Tweaking Trolls

15 January 2023 - 10:57 PM



I can't get the search function to work and after checking all forum threads I didn't get the infos I was looking for:


What do I want to do? - Make Troll Cage level 3 spawn leveled up trolls, similar to how the level 3 Mumail Pen spawns level 2 Mumakil.


I tried multiple variants, but none worked as intended, I only got the Cage to spawn leveled Trolls from the start.

I also trieds to search how the Mumakil levelup is applied but I couldn't find it anywhere.


Someone here who can tell me how this has to be setup or at least find where the Mumakil spawn is located?


edit: closest topic to mine was this: https://forums.revor...armopr-upgrade/
but the way of applying the armor is different because OP wants to add heavy armor as a per-troll upgrade similar to regular heavy armor.