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09 November 2008 - 07:12 PM

hm this was a really big flame generating thread, tough i love create a hero, it not only gives the palyers an unique chance in the game(you can see the bad side of anything, anyway my bottles is half filled not half empty tough..), but some players that used more to role palying games will defenitely love their create a heros and dont want to get rid of them, anyway i love the rj mod too, so finally i'm on the side to keep them while they can be, it would really be sad if they would have to go. And in my opinion it would be fun if we could create a rohirrim cah haha rohan rules :p

And those are unintellect and annoying words from those whom said that "those who like cah they just play the basic game..." lol a player could love either the mod and the cah feature...

nah i'm out for now, peace :p