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#1021492 Campaign #1 - CORE WORLDS

Posted by Aizen Teppa on 22 December 2015 - 10:32 AM

Ahh you probably running uncompressed mod. By default game use *.meg files which are basically compressed xmls. There is a tool to unpack all of that stuff in a easy way called EaW Extractor. Pretty straight forward. If you installed game in different dir than default you will need to browse to .meg file. That's about it.


Uploaded copy here: http://www.filedropp...om/eawextractor


You edit files in mod directory. Don't touch default. whatever:\whatever\Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption\Mods\Phoenix_Rising_v1.2\Data\Xml

#966304 The Venator.

Posted by Aizen Teppa on 16 July 2014 - 06:14 AM

I'm sure Firefox_Nemada would value your feedback. Just be sure to be polite, he's a bit jumpy sometimes. Oh and be sure to cut the comparing of the two mods too.

Jumpy you say... Yes I know. And I'm sorry to say this but: That's why I don't really bother. I read multiple threads and I know how "well" he reacts to criticism.  In short something like this: 'It's my mod, don't like how I do things' - gtfo. Part between ' ' found few times.


Perhaps one day I will voice my concerns, but Alliance is only a diversion. PR is main thing by far despite - it's own - stability issues.

#881634 Yet another Exception

Posted by Aizen Teppa on 01 April 2012 - 09:09 AM

Playing Empire. GFFA. Battle over Byblos.

Rebels have massive fleet, I have equally big fleet. However after making short work of initial 3 MC rush then rebels deploy at least 50 CC and I can't target them. They obliterate every ship I have and i can't target those little [beeep!]. I was ignoring my suspicions, but now I'm fully certain that CC breaking every space battle I have. I can't lock Tractor Beam, can't HVC them, cant lock with Venators Energy Blast, can't target them in any conventional way. If I do target single CC, instantly HVC doesn't work on *ANY* ship (doesn't fire), and I can't TB *ANY* ship, I can't hit *ANY* ship with Venator Energy Blast, controlling my own ships is more and more difficult (Ctrl+A selecting less and less ships every time, doesn't matter that I have full 80/80), selecting single ships is not possible. When I hover mouse I see status but I can't select/give orders...

What the hell is going on!

No mods (any mod I have is installed in separate FoC directory - DVD version)

*** going to look over CC xml maybe I will find something that doesn't belong, really gutted after finally started making progress :umad: ***

*EDIT*: by CC I mean DD-20 Gunship (no upgrades)

*EDIT2*: Scratch that (changed title). Certainly it is problem with the mod and FoC as a whole. Exception error always appear at some stage. Looks like another memory issue. I tried to apply 2GB+ "patch" to swfoc.exe with NTCore Explorer Suite, but then game never starts (demands DVD and that is about it, end of story). Hmm I have to concede Byblos and pick Mon Calamari Cucumbers one by one somehow, to reduce load on memory (<-2GB). Dang it!

My specs: i7920/12GB RAM/GTX580@2560x1440

*EDIT3*: To add few words more about the battle - ANY deployed ship from reinforcement pool is impossible to select (from smallest fighter to biggest battleship) during this battle. I can see status just fine (hover cursor), but can't give orders.

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#880629 1.2 First Bug [?] - Ghost Fleet Slot

Posted by Aizen Teppa on 25 March 2012 - 12:41 PM

Well, possibly I have first bug "of the season", in 1.2. Was playing for some time, patiently building infrastructure (scenario is GFFA, simply couldn't resist!). Finally I decided to conquer nearby planet (Rebel AI is conquering worlds at an alarming rate despite crap fleets). Everything went as planned. But after successful invasion I have now ghost fleet slot. Whatever I put there is gone instantly. I pray that Rebels don't invade because moving fleet there will be suicide - AI as always placing 1 fleet (attacker) in the first slot and second fleet in the 3rd. I did lost Palpatine there, but reloaded and then lost Jade and few other units but no saved game so bye, bye. BTW: Is there any chance to get Heroes back when they die?

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