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First Impressions

19 February 2010 - 02:32 AM

First and foremost, this is indeed the God-mod for BfME :)

Okay I can't really be bothered making a structured paragraph right now, so I'll set up a pros and cons list:

-Everything in general is just EPIC, SWEET and AWESOME!
-Skins are beautiful!
-Rohan's units in particular are wonderful and very movie-accurate (I love the new drafted peasants)
-Dwarven castle, camp, and outpost are simply works of art (Took me a while to notice the murals in the castle gatehouse)
-Both the artistic style and the workings of the Erebor faction fit in VERY well with the existing ones. Not overly complicated, nor overly simplified
-And a dozen other points :)

-The dwarven well, while a beautiful piece (I love the water) just causes huge amounts of lag as soon as you click the button to build it
-Shellmap is also quite laggy
-Ummm... There is only one mod like this one?

Anyway, there you go. Sorry if this belongs elsewhere, but I couldn't find a topic in which I thought this fit. Hope the lag issues can be resolved somehow, everything else ran as smooth as something that is really smooth :p

Sound is just... not there :p

18 February 2010 - 07:51 AM

Firstly I want to simply praise The Dwarf Holds for being such a top-notch mod! :p

That out of the way, I've been having a real problem with sound while running the mod. ALL sounds (music, FX, voice etc) just don't happen :tongevil: . I'd just reinstalled the game, and I tried re-launching it, but all I get is interface clicks. It's really frustrating having to play with not even music. Is anyone else having this problem?

Of course, it could just be my computer... <3

Oh and yes my speakers are turned on and work for everything else :good:

EDIT: Just checked with the vanilla game. It's not working there either. Guess it is my computer after all. Trying a re-install now...