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Is a simple way of editing this mod possible?

28 November 2009 - 12:08 AM

Hello I wanted to ask if it's possible to edit this mod and remove a few unrealistic units like bares? Also In the version I have I've been having problems with anti tank infantry which was doing a lot less damage to tanks then I have expected.

I'm not sure how could the allies have a Migs... they do have a lot of planes already.

I don't mean to criticize because this mods adds a lot of good things and realism in some aspects, but I'd really like to edit some stuff. Like unit names for example SPECNAZ for the Russians. And giving some units the ability to blow up tanks with explosives like real life commandos and only have commandos drop out of planes - really small groups which planes are slow and can be shot down quickly because their a great danger to the base. A single drop at the start can mean a quick victory.